In Other News – 26 January 2012 Homegrown Hotties Edition

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Well yesterday was fun. After having suffered from some excruciating pain in my mouth, I made an appointment to go see the dentist last week, and while there, he told me that my two wisdom teeth had to come out.

So, a week later, after some anti-biotics and medication, I was back in the chair, and had more drugs floating through my deadened mouth than  Keith Richards when he was stopped at the airport. Those teeth had to come out, and after some extensive drilling, my faithful doctor went to work, shoving some pliers into my mouth and death-gripping the rotten bastards.

He had a hell of a workout ahead of him, as it appears that my teeth have curved roots. Once that ordeal was over, it was off to home to go spit blood out every couple of minutes and sleep off the numerous injections.

Now let’s hope that I never have to go through that ordeal again.

So when you’re finished cringing at my tale, have a look at our LW Mag sponsored Homegrown hottie of the day, Jordan Leigh Airey. She’s a young Jozi lady with a taste for good music, a well-performed swagger and enjoys flirting. Read more about her here.

In Other News: Meet the man who built the PS vita, THQ gets a new strategy and Mr Miyagi makes a leg-sweeping appearance.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because a certain pillock (me) needed help with his ADSL connection today.


We’re making stuff up as we go along in Mass Effect 3, says Bioware
THQ outlines a new strategy
The man who built the PS Vita
A giant Kinect powered theme park
No secret fighters in UFC Undisputed 3
Nvidia is not impressed with the HD7900 series
The best Uncharted 3 displays in all of Japan
The trophies of Armored Core V
Mr Miyagi is in the PS Vita game Reality Fighters


Pokémon showed me how grinding can be a good thing
The dangers of QTE
Top ten video game ninjas
The ten cutest characters in video games


Call of Duty Elite – Content season DLC trailer
Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Gameplay variety trailer
MLB 2012 – First look trailer

Across the Networks

Microwaves will destroy us all!
The folding car from MIT has been built
This is the inflatable droid that you have been searching for
How to make a gun even more effective for the Zombie apocalypse
A jack and the beanstalk movie that looks awesome? Hell yeah!
They’re rebooting the Saint. Again
The Hangover Wolfpack wants $15 million apiece to star in a third film
What if the 2012 Oscar nominated movies told the truth
What do Johnny Depp, Batman and Lost have in common?
Javier Bardem says no to appearing in Despicable Me sequel
Nazis in space! It’s a new trailer for Iron Sky!

Model: Jordan Leigh Airey

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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