Fire in the disco!

You may have noticed that the ION model for today contains far more hair, muscles and testicles than you’re used to. That’s because there is no LW Mag sponsored Homegrown Hottie this week. Also, it’s all Zoe and Gavin’s fault. They made me do this. Form an angry mob around them, if you would. You can use the beard of Lardus as a makeshift torch.

In Other News: Shadowrun on your tablet, NBA is regrettable to control, Japan has a very different marketplace and FIFA 14 gets balanced.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy standing in a crowded elevator and shouting ‘”HEIMDALL, OPEN THE BIFROST”.


Shadowrun Returns headed to tablets later today
The Last of Us DLC Outbreak teased for today
NBA 2K14 designer calls constant control changes ‘regrettable’
Splinter Blacklist Homeland DLC out now
Bastion and The Walking Dead add iOS controller support
Gaikai may deliver Playstation content to other devices
Injustice Gods Among Us may come to next-gen consoles
EA addressing FIFA 14 balance issues in future update


A pair of artists in the name of social commentary
Japan’s gaming market – A world apart
The end of hateful internet comments might be sooner than expected
Game funding by Kickstarter – A cautionary tale


Batman Arkham Origins – Deathstroke Challenge Pack Gameplay

Playstation 4 – Starting beeps

Thief – Bank heist trailer

What’s on at The Movies

This new trailer for Big Ass Spider is ten stories tall and very,very hungry
Top List Thursdays – Top Ten Most underrated horror villains
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire reveals 20 new images
Feel the Need for Speed in this first teaser trailer

Model: I have no idea, but maybe Zoe does.

Last Updated: September 26, 2013

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