In Other News – 27 August 2012

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So I attempted to get constructive this weekend. Unfortunately, that attempt at DIY meant that I had to once again face my old enemy, superglue. Which is why I spent most of my Sunday with my fingers stuck to a vase. Still, at least I had a handy vessel with which to have a drink from, when needed. But one of these days, I shall defeat you super-glue, I shall beat you!

In Other News: Thousands of lollipops and chainsaws are sold, Sony is going to Console War, an Armoured kill goes premium, Adventure Time game doodles and why Nikola Tesla deserves his own game.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy taking orders from a toaster, which apparently is higher up on the office food chain than me.


Nintendo to attempt Kirby anniversary world record at PAX
A fantasy game where your actual voice is your friend
BF3 Armoured Kill release date locked down, hits PS3 Premium first
More than 30 years later, Adventure gets a sequel
Lollipop Chainsaw ships 700 000 units, highest number ever for Grasshopper studios
Sony Pictures registers Console Wars domains
Adventure Time creator loves games you guys, started this blog
Wii U specs offer no unexpected challenges


How Guild Wars 2 showed me that there is still civility in gaming
Will there one day be a universal game console?
I can’t bring myself to buy the same game twice
Three reasons why a Nikola Tesla game would rock


Halo 4 – Enlist trailer
WRC 3 – Argentina gameplay trailer
Rocksmith developer diary – Hard-Fi

Across the Networks

This just might be the classiest fight stick ever made
Samsung now owes Apple over $1 Billion
Adrien Brody is going to Motor City
Hugh Laurie is out as Robocop’s villian, Clive Owen to replace him
Monday Box Office Report – Can a bicycle outrace a bullet?
Jason Momoa is going to run with some wolves
Get some revengeance in this bone-breaking trailer for Bankok Revenge!
Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3 are going 3D
Ben Affleck won’t direct a Justice League film, but could the Wachowskis be up for the gig?

Model: Candice Swanepoel

Last Updated: August 27, 2012

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