In Other News – 27 January 2012 Weekend Edition

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Oh what a joy it is to finally have a proper ADSL connection, complete with wireless functionality. I had a blast with the new connection last night, loading up YouTube videos on my iPad with nary a care, while being soundly defeated in a few rounds of Pokémon against what I can only presume is one badass little kid.

I’m looking forward to a solid week of gaming, and to celebrate, I think I’ll go buy myself a new multiplayer-centric title that isn’t in my collection. And don’t say Battlefield 3 guys, because that just isn’t my cup of tea.

In Other News: Gears of War gets all kiddy, the developers behind The Witcher 2 are ridiculously trusting of people and Mario gets ready for another two-dimensional adventure.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy getting to know the neighbours.

This week on Lazygamer

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FFD: How do we deal with the second hand market?
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckong Q&A – 10 Questions
James Noirs Hollywood Crimes 3D review – Criminal Negligence
Asura’s Wrath preview – Tis but a scratch!
The Settlers Online Beta Preview – Evony and Ivory
Trailer Park King 2 Review…well nearly


Splinter Cell Conviction owners will get early access to the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta
Gears of War – The kids toy
The Witcher 2 devs on piracy and DRM are very trusting of gamers
The producer for Soul Calibur V didn’t want to make a new IP originally
Is Resident Evil 6 teasing the return of Barry Burton?
THQ still cannot explain why Chris Jericho is not in WWE12
New 2D Mario game announced for the 3DS
The state of California owes the ESA $950 000
There’s no video for Doom 4 because…


Does digital distribution do more harm than good?
The Madden NFL13 Wishlist
18 Moments in gaming that defined me
If you could rename the Wii U, what would you call it?


Dirt Showdown – Rampage gameplay
Kingdoms of Amalur – A heroes guide and a new world to discover
Resident Evil Revelations – Jill Valentine campaign gameplay

Across the Networks

Use a cell phone in North Korea and you commit a war crime
Obama Hulk smash (Your economic issues)!
And now the FBI is being sued by Megaupload users
This is how much stuff gets uploaded to Youtube
The first trailer for the Stephen Dorff movie ‘Brake’ will make you cautious of car boots
Monty Python gets back together for absolutely nothing
Captain America 2 to start filming the end of this year, a Nick Fury movie after that
Ferris Bueller returns
Greg Kinear and Jennifer Connelly get ready to become ‘Writers’
Saving Private Moses Wallace: Spielberg to make a gritty Moses?
Movies out today: 6 of the best, worst and mediocre
Be Brave kids

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Last Updated: January 27, 2012

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