In Other News – 28 October 2014

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I’m not big on dessert, nor do I really have a sweet tooth. I do, however, love the hell out of a good ice cream. It’s a problem herein SA, because there’s a distinct lack of ice-cream culture; instead of good stuff made with dairy and eggs we’re content to eat stuff like Dairymaid –  made, ironically – mostly from vegetable fat.

The very best Ice-cream I’ve had in my years on this planet was from a random little corner Gelataria in Genoa in Italy. Handmade, using the finest ingredients, the stuff essentially made cold, sweet, creamy lover to my mouth. Gelato and Ice-cream aren’t quite the same thing, but they’re similar enough, with Gelato being denser and having less incorporated air. Try as I might, I just can’t find local Ice-cream that tickles my tastebuds quite the same way. I have, however, come close. Somebody who also noticed the lack of ice-cream culture, and sought to change that is a fellow named Paul, who hand makes some of the best ice-cream in the country. It’s artisanal stuff, and perhaps a little pricy – and also a little hard to find if you’re not within arm’s reach of his increasing number of stockists, but it’s worth missioning for.  If you see it, grab some of Pauls Homemade Ice Cream. Another favourite place of mine to get good Ice-cream is Trieste Cafe in Greenside , whose Ice-cream is made from “natural ingredients and natural flavours”. If you do end up there, be sure to try their waffles, too.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because were were too busy thinking that the world would be a better place if instead of screaming and shouting at each over nonsense, we ate ice cream instead.

In other news: Bots get their Hearthstones removed, Your PS3 fightsticks might not be KO, trap grappling with Killer Instinct and Kinect’s a wee bit shite if yer Scots.


Hearthstone – Several thousand bots banned for the rest of the year
Killer Instinct’s next fighter to be a trap grappler
Valkyria chronicles PC port confirmed
The Longest Journey completes its trip to iOS tonight
Final Fantasy creators want to make one more 2d RPG
Dungeon Of The Endless leaves Early Access
Halo Collection screens show Coagulation remake Bloodline
Lab Zero is working on making PS3 fight sticks interface with PS4


Japan is good at Halloween
The search for Planetside 2’s largest battle
Being Scottish with an Xbox One is a daily struggle
Road Trip Adventure is a refreshingly laidback RPG


The Crew – On the road: Customization nation
Dominations – Launch trailer
Project Cars – Halloween trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Watch the entire Judge Dredd Superfiend series right now!
Rumour – Jaden Smith wanted for Static Shock
You Review Annabelle – Yes, you!
Kevin Smith talks about how he got to love making movies again
Daniel Radcliffe talks Victor Frankenstein – Action and loyalty
Fast and Furious 7 gets a new title, poster and synopsis
Rumour – David Goyer developing a Krypton prequel TV series

Last Updated: October 28, 2014

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