In Other News – 30 April 2015

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Jill of the Jungle ION

Hey, it’s another long weekend? WOOOOOOOOOH! This means that you’re all probably away, and I don’t have to bother with a proper introduction. In fact, I bet nobody is reading this at all! YEAH I’M OFF TO CELEBRATE TOO!

For today’s Throwback Thursday, I thought as far back as I could, to my earliest gaming memories. What turned up surprised me. It wasn’t Lemmings, Stunt Driver, or Scorched Earth that arrived in my mind’s eye first – it was Jill of the Jungle.

Truth be told, I don’t remember much of the game other than that I really, really loved it. I spent countless hours collecting apples (to keep the doctors away), climbing vines, and dodging all kinds of obstacles and enemies. Other than that, it’s all a blur.

What I do actually remember is having to navigate DOS to play it. I memorised exactly what commands my brother punched in so I could enter Jill’s world alone without his assistance.

Jill of the Jungle is so old. I wonder how many of you remember it?

Instead of just watching it, why not play it, right here!

In Other News: Warcraft and Dungeon Keeper make babies, Payday swaps bank robbing for zombies, A skiing samurai, and the struggle of narcolepsy in GTA V!

Here’s the news we didn’t post today because we were too busy writing by candlelight!




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