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Would you look at that? Yet another month down, and still a bunch more to go before we annihilate this year. The year, that was never meant to be mind you. Ha! Good ol’ doomsday cults! You make me glad to be a smartass!

In Other News: Run Lola run, Yakuza 5 will stay in the east, slice open some aliens and FIFA 14 just beat GTA V.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because I was too busy reciting Raul Julia’s lines from Street Fighter to Telemarketers who phoned expecting to talk to a madman and instead found a god.


Rumour – Destiny beta coming with pre-order
UK Charts – FIFA 14 takes top spot from GTA V
Surgeon Simulator alien surgeries unlocked
Sega has no plans to localise Yakuza 5
Neverending Nightmares meets funding due to typo
The Binding of Isaac turns two, celebrates with sale and documentary
Heroes of Starcraft mod adds hero units to Civilisation V
Ubisoft not ruling out Rayman Legends for 3DS


Let’s appreciate GTA V’s panoramas
The making of Harvest Moon
Adventures in Skyrim co-op cosplay


Forza Motorsport 5 – Direct feed gameplay

Beyond: Two Souls – Special Edition trailer

Ryse: Son of Rome – Old build vs new build comparison

What’s on at The Movies

These Walking Dead season four images will drain your braaaaiiiins
Cinophile – Run Lola Run
You might be stung in the Day of the Doctor
Prepare for a massive death tally in Game of Thrones season four
Monday Box Office Report – Cloudy with a chance of success
Jude Law talks about Sherlock Homes 3, wants it better and smarter
No guts, no glory and no laughs in this first trailer for The Nut Job

Model: Michae Crawford

Last Updated: September 30, 2013

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