In Other News – 4 June 2015

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Batman Returns ION

If we absolutely must endure winter every year, I vote for enhancing things a little. At least the nuclear winters in games like Fallout have a bit of spice to them. We’d get to run around in underground bunkers, take G.O.A.T exams and generally forget about what grass smells like. That’s if we’re the lucky sods that could afford it though – being a ghoul doesn’t sound that enticing at all. And yes, I’ve been thinking about Fallout 4 all day. Haven’t you?

In honour of the imminent launch of Batman: Arkham Knight, today’s throwback is a reminder of just how far games have come in just over two decades. Batman Returns was a point and click title released back in 1992 – diving head first into the more detective elements of the caped crusader. It’s still rather great to play, even with the incredibly repetitive soundtrack that was common back then. Or so I believe – I was only born the same year.

In Other News: It really paid off to be working on Minecraft, Microsoft is fully committed to PC gaming and your space bar is going to become far more intimate.

Here’s the news we didn’t post today, because we were too busy giving Darryn terrible directions around Joburg.


All Mojang staff were offered $300K not to leave company
Xbox Boss: We Weren’t Fully Committed to PC Gaming, But That’s Changing Now
Rock Band 4 Isn’t Coming to PC In Part Because of Piracy Concerns
Fallout 4 reveal sends Fallout 3 & Fallout: New Vegas sales soaring
Splatoon Will Get Fresh With A Squid Girl Costume This August


Apple’s Watch coming to its retail stores in two weeks
Watch Synaptics’ touch-sensitive space bar in action
Apple reportedly calls off plan to unveil new Apple TV at WWDC
The USB drive of the future is already here


Extra Credits – Giving a Face to Pure Evil

Hearthstone TV Commercial – Substitution

Honest Trailers – Heroes of the Storm

The Movies

Don’t get cut up watching this trailer for PAPER TOWNS
This trailer for 99 HOMES does not belong to you
Rumour: Matthew Vaughn/Jon Favreau up for 2nd STAR WARS spinoff; focuses on Han Solo/Boba Feta rivalry
This new ANT-MAN TV spot and poster wants you to pick on somebody your own size
After SPECTRE, the real war for James Bond begins

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