In Other News – 5 December 2014

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I’ve been abandoned…abandoned I tell you! Zoe and Darryn have been struck down by the almighty Eskom (who literally took away their power), Geoff has run off to live his life (pffft), Gavin is MIA (probably off drinking beer), and Sandy is on a flight back to Jhb (from Hipsterland). Looks like I’m alone on this lonely ship today, I hope I can keep it afloat!

I’m in charge now, so don’t even pretend you’re surprised to see a Dota 2 header. YOU’RE WELCOME!

In Other News: Metal slug is pewpewing onto PSN, the Heavy from TF2 can now wear shorts for ants, two SSDs survive brutal write tests, and WTF THAT BARREL HAS BREASTS?

Here’s all the news we didn’t post today because we were too busy receiving mysterious packages all day. WHAT’S IN THE BAHX?


Metal Slug 3, fan-chosen Neo Geo games coming to PSN
Dead or Alive 5 headed to PC but it won’t have online at launch
Hearthstone players can check out Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion cards right now
Get Up To 19 Game Soundtracks In Loudr’s New Game Music Bundle
Team Fortress 2’s Heavy can now wear short shorts
Minecraft dev’s Scrolls will cap your spending so you don’t break the game


How historically accurate is Skyrim? Part 2
The man behind the Adventure Time comic is bringing Bill & Ted back to life
Two SSDs survive after more than 2 petabytes of write tests


That…barrel has breasts

Resident Evil PC footage looks sharp and bloody

Dota 2 A-Z Dual Lane Challenge – Oracle and Outworld Devourer

What’s on at The Movies

Reset the future in this first trailer for TERMINATOR GENISYS
STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS’ plot may just have leaked online
Win 2 tickets to the official opening of Cape Town’s IMAX to see THE HOBBIT!
Movies out today: the death of Nicholas Cage’s career
By the eye of Agamotto! Benedict Cumbermatch officialy cast as DOCTOR STRANGE
Ryan Reynolds Confirmed as DEADPOOL
YOU review Jessabelle – More light than fright
The Sony hack reveals the pricetag of THE INTERVIEW

Header: Windrunner Windranger – No rest for the wicked by MilliganVick

Last Updated: December 5, 2014

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