In Other News – 9 November, 2010

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At the exact time that this post goes live, the Microsoft launch event for Xbox Live and Kinect in South Africa should have just begun.

We will be there to cover the happenings, but most importantly, will be doing our bit to put a big dent in the catering. We hope that we get some pleasant surprises tonight, and really hope that we don’t get the opposite.

Kinect voice support now already please k thx bye.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we are rushing our asses off to get everything done in time to get to the launch event, seriously.


This is what Call of Duty: Black Ops’ PC server browser looks like
Gran Turismo 5 features and facts
What’s Miyamoto’s favourite Mario game?
Tecmo Koei CEO quits
Hori PS3 monitor now available in white
Deus Ex: “Based on real projects that are going to be built”


Ice-T brings us first Black Ops unboxing


COD: Black Ops – Bloody Good Montage
COD: Black Ops – Zombie Mode Gameplay
Hey Ash Watcha Playin’ – Adventure Games Part II

Header: Salma Hayek

Last Updated: November 9, 2010

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