In Other News – December 6, 2010

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Oh hey! How’s your Monday going? Go on, you can tell me – I’ll pretend to sound interested. You’re probably wondering why I’m doing today’s ION, and to be honest I am too. I mean, I totally get that Nick is otherwise incapacitated because he ate off cat at a Chinese restaurant or something, but Gavin and Geoff? What’s their excuse?

Gavin, I have since learnt, has been banned from doing the ION posts after he posted a picture of a kangaroo in lacey lingerie. Apparently it’s a side-effect of living in Australia for too long; the local fauna starts to look attractive. Needless to say it didn’t appeal to South Africans and Geoff and Nick were forced to take mutinous action. Gavin is now back in South Africa and attending therapy; Geoff took the liberty of signing Gavin up to numerous South African porn sites as part of his recovery. Geoff is maintaining that he had to research these sites because he had no idea where to find them in the first place. I totally believe him – I mean, who wouldn’t?

Geoff’s reason for shirking his ION duties, which has resulted in the unenviable mantle falling to me, is because he’s too busy sitting a darkened bunker listening to emo bands due to it being the Christmas season. Well at least that’s what he’s told me. I’m pretty sure he’s busy conducting more “research” into Gavin’s psychological treatment.

Today’s header image is Miranda Lawson, who we all know is modeled and voiced by Yvonne Strahovski of Chuck fame. The picture is one of a whole series of Mass Effect 2 inspired pieces by Ukrainian artist Protsenko Pavel. I’ve linked to the rest of the gallery but some of them are NSFW. Quick! Somebody email the link to Gavin!

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were all too busy arguing about who was going to get stuck doing today’s ION post.


MS denies engineering Kinect shortages
EA plans to slash game output
The die-cast underbelly of Gran Turismo 5
Python’s The Ministry of Silly Games announced for Facebook
There’s room for the powerful PSP2 in the war against Nintendo and Apple


Behind the music of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
The top 7 most amazing Minecraft creations
The 11 most racist video games
Poster-size Meat Boy guide fit for any bedroom wall
Five ways Xbox 360 changed gaming
The lovely (and manly) pin-ups of Mass Effect 2


Over 800 Game Boy games online
Remake of the original Batman from the ZX Spectrum


The fifteen greatest commercials in video game history
See the PlayStation phone in action

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