In Other News – February 9, 2011

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Why in the hell did no one tell me that that cute little fortune-telling sister-chick girl from the Twilight movies was actually a bangin’ sexy woman in the real world where blood-suckers work for law firms and don’t glimmer in the sun.

Ashley Greene is fine as all hell, and manly-men be damned, I have already decided to buy a ticket to the next Twilight movie just in case they make her look like that in the movie.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because I am literally writing this at one minute to deadline.


Battlefield 3 live demo impression: It’s incredible
Sony’s NGP price leaked by Gamestop Screen shot
DICE offers another explanation for Battlefield 3 console multiplayer limit
Kevin Butler Accidentally Retweets PS3 Jailbreak Code
Playstation Store Update
Killzone 3 demo now available – New high-definition video shows Icy Incursion Mission
Sony passes 1.1 million consoles in AU; MS claims 2010 as Xbox 360’s biggest year.
Test Drive 2 review plagiarised by major news website
Dragon Age 2: Warrior details unveiled  


Gaming on a college budget
The hypersexualization of women damages in-game storytelling


World Premiere Trailer for PS3 Exclusive Title Replika
Test Drive Unlimited 2 Performance Analysis & first 18 minutes of gameplay
Battlefield 3: Video Preview



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Last Updated: February 9, 2011

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