In Other News – January 31, 2011

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So, true story about this weekend.

I was playing Dead Space 2 for review this weekend, and feeling pretty damn proud of myself for being able to power through it so well even though I had such a pansy-related issue with playing the first one.

It was at this point that the developers decided to remind me of how capable they actually were of making me crap my pants if they feel like it. I will not lie… I suddenly got to a point in the game around 8 hours in or so, where I got so scared that I went and demanded that my wife come and chill with me in the TV room. For the sake of the review people, the review.

I’m not even joking, if no one sat with me during that segment, and I had to play it alone, today’s review would simply just not have happened. Yes, I was damn afraid.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were boycotting NASA, Virgin Galactic and pretty much anyone else who might be able to put us up in space.


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