In Other News – July 15, 2010

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Quick hide, Thursday is here and it’s out for blood!

In completely unrelated news, I had a camera shoved down my throat this morning, but only after being drugged to absolute hell by a nurse. I have those same drugs to thank for some of my special tweets this morning, one went a little something like this:

“Tsweeting FRom bed a is fantastic. Stpid cat go home”

We also have a link to maybe the sexiest arcade cabinet that I have ever seen in my life. Who could turn down a mixture of classic gaming, new technology and chrome – at the same time!? We also have a link to a super interesting article about gay and lesbian characters in video games, including – can you believe it – Zangief from Street Fighter.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because… oh well, my tweet should explain just about everything.


Also unlike Geoff – Kinect doesn’t like skirts
Blacklight: Tango Down 2 already confirmed
Can screenshots be considered art?
Street Fighter IV Avatars now available on the XBL Marketplace


Best arcade cabinet in the world, evaaaar
The people who make videogames are lying to you
Gay and Lesbian video game characters
All 14 Final Fantasy logos explained


Guild Wars 2 – Ranger skills revealed
Top 10 gaming history milestones

Last Updated: July 15, 2010

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