In Other News – July 7 2011

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Its Thursday, but more importantly, its an almost finished Thursday. And if Rebecca Black as taught us anything, its that Friday comes next, so that we can all get ready for a weekend of gaming and general slacking. Today’s model is BC Jean, a songwriter who decided to stop making other singers successful and embark on her own career as a songstress. You can see more of the talented lady on her website, right here

In Other News

New characters for Soul Calibur 5 announced, details on the possibility of a Mass Effect movie, Super Mario on nightmarishly reimagined and Duke Nukem likes to nyan.
Here’s the news we didn’t post, because the rest of the team were too busy convincing me that its my duty, as the rookie, to be the official Lazygamer swamp ass hairdryer dude.


Two new characters teased for Soul Caliber 5
Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition is content heavy
No more PSP comic book updates
Gearbox thinks that the Wii U is a great stopgap
Renegade Ops Screenshots
Urban Champion is making its way to the 3DS
The Mass effect movie will be at Comic-Con


Super-Mario enemies reimagined
Early L4D2 DLC for the faithful
Crysis 2 DirectX 9 & 11 comparison video


Nyan-cat invades Duke Nukem
Catherine- Nightmare trailer
Ico & Shadow of the colossus Japanese trailer
Zero Punctuation reviews Alice: The madness returns

Last Updated: July 7, 2011

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