In Other News – May 13, 2011 – Weekend Edition

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I cannot tell a lie… I was all amped to do a special Friday the 13th ION header image by taking some hot babe and then photoshopping a hockey mask and a machete into the image, but after finding this image, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

She is just too damn fine, I had already cut out the machete and everything so I even threw work time away, such is the hotness of this supreme woman. Worst part is that I can’t even find her name, so this is all we are getting, but at least it’s one hell of a view to get the weekend started.

Here’s our weekly round-up as well as the news we didn’t post because Geoff and I were filling slots with our content all morning long.

This week on Lazygamer:

Mortal Kombat Review – It’s what’s inside that counts
Driver: San Francisco Preview – Reviving a burnout
Pictionary with uDraw Review

The Top 5 Games of Right Now downloads of the week

Mortal Kombat Guide: Part 1 of 2
Mortal Kombat Guide: Part 2 of 2

Flamebait Friday Debate: I’m tired of Sony/Anonymous, who likes hot chicks?
Capcom losing millions thanks to Sony’s incompetence


Star Hawk Officially Revealed with first details on Story and Multi-player mode
Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) Announces Their ‘Make Good’ Plan
Battlefield 3: New Karkand vs. Old Karkand
PS3 trade-ins on the rise as PSN down time drags on
PSM3: PS3 Exclusive Reveal is Not What People are expecting
Dead Island gets an European release date
inFamous 2 Comes In Two Different Bundles


PlayStation Network: Here’s The Official Letter Sony Sent to Publishing Partners
12 Things to do while PSN is STILL Down
OXM UK L.A Noire Review sneaks its way online
Sony may need a magician at E3 to compete for U.S gamers
List of Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Improvements So Far
Why is Mario Fat? Creator Shigeru Miyamoto Explains
Brink is Broken


Starhawk Direct-Feed Gameplay
Hyperdimension Neptunia 2 Trailer Released
Stephen Merchant On His ‘Exhausting’ ‘Portal 2’ & Interest In Returning For ‘Portal 3’
1st Fifteen – L.A. Noire
Rage : 20 minutes of gameplay
Street Fighter X Tekken Cinematic Trailer Released
Diablo III trailer

Header: Unknown ridiculously hot Russian model. Anyone know who it is?

Last Updated: May 13, 2011

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