In Other News – November 28, 2011

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By now you all already know about the upcoming Lazygamer Festival of Gaming. We hope to catch you all there and especially those of you who are as excited to poke Darryn with a stick as we are.

In Other News: Skyrim PS3 patch reported as out now, Top 5 emotional scenes of the year, The best of Skyrim memes, the future of Assassin’s Creed locations and more.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were trying to find out why Gavin’s one FIFA 12 goal wasn’t counted in the top 5 emotional scenes in gaming this year.


Jaffe comments on Sony Smash Bros. game, Expresses excitement
Carmack: 60 fps “hard” to achieve on Consoles; Comments On His Coding Style
Amazon Cyber Monday gaming deals go live
Battlefield 3: All weapons decrypted values
Ubisoft surveys public on future Assassin’s Creed locations
Weekly Top 10 PC Charts; UK PC Charts [November 20th – 26th]
Video Game Releases This Week: A Real Slow Week  
Players report Skyrim PlayStation 3 patch out now
Modern Warfare 3 sales down 41 %


PS4 Concepts
Build Better Game Engines Not New Consoles
Why Console Sales Figures Prove Nothing
Full printable Skyrim map with all locations
Skyrim Memes – The Best of The Best


Top 5 Emotional Scenes of this Year (SPOILERS!)
Funniest Skyrim Mod Ever

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Last Updated: November 28, 2011

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