In Other News – October 28, 2010

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Ok, so here’s a scary story.

Today I was chatting to my doctor and he starts telling me this story of how he used to play Battlefield 2142. He tells me that over time he found out that some of his patients played on the same servers and while he knew their online names, they didn’t know his.

He pointed out that one night, the one guy sniped him twice in the head on some map and he wasn’t very impressed. Two years down the line, the dude is in his office for some Vitamin B something injection or whatever that burns like all hell and as the doctor is about to put in the injection he says to him “BTW, I’m [Gamertag here] and you sniped me twice in the head in Battlefield, now it’s time for revenge”.

Needless to say the dude had a right ol’ panic attack when he started feeling the crazy burn after the doctor dished out that line. After the prank was over I can only assume that the doctor let out a large, evil “Muhahahahaha” laugh, LOL.

Here’s the news we didn’t post out of fear, because our Dentist looks like the type of guy that would really, really suck at Halo.


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