In Other News– Weekend Edition, 10 May 2013

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The biggest local news that’s happened this week, evidenced by my Twitter stream, is all about Burger King opening in South Africa. It’s not the fact that they’re here, but more the fact that like other multinational chains like KFC and McDonalds they won’t be serving any of that delicious cured porcine flesh, bacon. This, apparently, is an assault on everything good in the world. what do you think? Is the lack of bacon on your whopper a deal breaker?

In Other News: Crap still sells, smash things with your droid, the Chinese will copy just about everything, shadow Warrior gets the reboot treatment and a bunch dudes rap about cheap games. Also, remember it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday – so do try to not forget about your old mum.


Aliens: Colonial Marines sells 1.3 M units
Carmageddon hits Android
Activision warns of Xbox 720, PlayStation 4 ‘uncertainties’
One of Korea’s most famous eSports players passes away
Chinese World of Tanks clone so similar it allegedly copies even historical inaccuracies
Shadow Warrior revival by the Hard Reset dev announced


Destiny: Bungie gives up new world, class & plot details
Call of Duty: Ghosts cast shown in new poster art
Gaming sector ‘stuck in dark ages’
QWOP creator makes a 16-player real-time rendition of chess
Boy Band Pays Tribute To…Steam Sales & Indie Games
An Ode to Garry’s Mod
Eve Online’s political system
This backlit Mega Man 25th anniversary NES has style


Injustice – Batgirl DLC trailer
Dragon’s Crown – Amazon Gameplay Trailer
Muramasa Rebirth on PS Vita
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – First Trailer

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Last Updated: May 10, 2013

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