Machinarium developers holding Pirate Amnesty Sale – get if for only $5

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The Machinarium developers are sad pandas. You see, when they released Machinarium, they decided to keep it completely DRM free, so that gamers weren’t bothered with stupid online authentications and product keys.

The problem, with trying to be so awesome to your audience, is that from what they have determined, the piracy rate on the game was so bad that they reckon that only around 15-20% of Machinarium players actually paid for the game.

They are now holding a Pirate Amnesty Sale to allow all of those pirates to redeem themselves, clear their conscience and at the same time, get the game as well as its soundtrack for only $5 (the game usually sells for $20).

It’s kind of sad to see that they have had to resort to an idea like this to actually try and make some decent money for all of their hard work, isn’t it? Either way, if you have pirated the game, do the right thing and at the very least, go and put some money down for your gaming experience. It’s really cheap, and really the least you could do.

It’s a bit of a bargain for all of the legit gamers out there as well, because thanks to sale, anyone else who has thought about getting the game for a while can now pick it up for a complete err… steal.

They have also made a point of letting everyone know that the deal will not in any way expose who the pirates were, so don’t be afraid to go and show your better-late-than-never support.

Machinarium is available for Mac, PC and Linux. The sale ends on August 12.

You can check the official Pirate Amnesty page out here.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: August 9, 2010

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