Minecraft has made $33m.. and it’s not out of beta yet

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This must be every indie developers dream, you come up with an idea and start making it and then in Alpha you let a couple of people in..

Those couple of people invite the planet and now you have made over $30 million in pre-order sales and you’re still in beta.

This is the reality of Marcus Persson who created Minecraft, according to some research done by Gamasutra he has already received $33 000 000 in sales for Minecraft, granted he has to pay tax on that and admin fee’s to PayPal but that’s about it, the rest all belongs to him.

To his credit he hasn’t allowed the money to go to his head yet and apparently doesn’t even really know where the money is. He pays himself a monthly salary and the rest of the jackpot is just sitting in a bank somewhere gaining interest.

I’m not sure I could stay motivated to do my job if I had enough money in the bank to retire and live a life of luxury.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: April 7, 2011

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