In Other News – 10 June 2016

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And so it begins. Engines to maximum. Unsold Kinects are being shovelled into the furnace. The hype train for E3 is starting to pick up momentum. It’s hard not to love the event as it happens, and easy to criticise after the dust has cleared. But like every year before it, E3 has everyone talking. This year, we’re going back to our roots for E3. And by roots, I mean reporting on the event from the luxurious two-star accommodation of an LA motel in the heart of gangland territory.

And by we, I mean Alessandro and Matty because I sure as hell am never going back to that location after sleeping through a gang-fight. E3 kicks off this weekend, and man I cannot wait!

In Other News: Injustice for 2, I ain’t gettin’ on no LEGO plane fool, the worst game on Xbox One and Fallout 4 was briefly free yesterday.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy making sure that Matty had enough space in his bag to bring back a BIG bag of Reese’s Pieces.


First Injustice 2 gameplay to be revealed this weekend
The stats don’t lie, Lucio is Overwatch’s most valuable hero
Dreamfall Chapters teaser heralds the end of The Longest Journey
Torment: Tides of Numenera release pushed back to 2017
You can try Killing Floor 2’s Sharpshooter class right now with an opt-in beta
Burnout creators: ‘We want to make a spiritual successor’
Meet King of Fighters XIV’s Team Kim
New LEGO Dimensions packs confirmed, including A-Team, Knight Rider, Gremlins


Fallout 4 accidentally goes free on Xbox store
Is this the worst game on Xbox One?
Beat Cop is a cop game about difficult decisions
Performance Analysis: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst


What’s on at The Movies

The BATTLESTAR GALACTICA movie scores a scribe, and possibly a director
They’re unhinging the gates of hell in this new trailer for season 2 of MARCO POLO
See something that you shouldn’t in this great trailer for 80’s inspired STRANGER THINGS
WARCRAFT is already breaking box-office records internationally
A little dose of self reliance can do wonders in this trailer for THE SHALLOWS

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