In Other News – 14 November 2016

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If there’s one thing that retro games had nailed down, it was a boss fight. All those classic visuals and controls were meant to prepare you for that one battle, that final encounter where you’d use your hard-earned powers to win the day and get snubbed by the princess in the castle. But when it came to retro boss fights, Alien Soldier was easily the king.

Look past the bonkers story, and you’d find a game with gunplay action as polished as Gunstar Heroes, with minimal stage exploration needed before you’d face one of the dozens of bosses who were waiting for you. Each one was unique, requiring a different strategy to conquer. They all looked rather nifty as well, if you were a fan of nightmare fuel blast-processing that is. But man oh man, Alien Soldier is one game that would make you earn those thumb blisters and then some.

In Other News: Dishonored 2 isn’t selling that well yet, Rainbow Six Siege gets another year and Gravity Rush is coming at you in January.

Here’s all the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy kicking ass, faces and balls into outer space.


Dishonored 2 UK sales down nearly 40% compared to first game
A Dishonored 2 performance patch will be out “in the coming days”
New level for Warhammer – End Times: Vermintide in the works for VR
Rainbow Six Siege will be supported with new content for another year
Duke Grabowski is my kind of SCUMM
PS4 console sales up 204% following Pro launch
Gravity Rush 2 is done and ready for January
MSI’s VR backpack now available to pre-order


The NES Classic carries over classic NES glitches
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s 4K performance analysed on PS4 Pro
Fans race to see who can beat NES games the quickest
Battlefield 1 and FIFA 17: Frostbite shines on PS4 Pro


What’s on at The Movies

Monday Box Office Report – DOCTOR STRANGE keeps up the spell; ARRIVAL surprises
Zendaya addresses rumours on her role in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING
FANTASTIC BEASTS series to span 19 years; David Yates to direct all five films
A review in 4 questions: BLOOD FATHER
This trailer for COLLATERAL BEAUTY has a profound connection to everything
Shawn Levy updates on REAL STEEL sequel; confirms popular fan theory
The Lycans are coming for blood in the latest trailer for UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS

Last Updated: November 14, 2016

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