Nvidia to launch their “Next Generation” GPU tomorrow

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Nvidia, the Taiwanese video GPU manufacturer is set to unveil its newest flagship card tomorrow, something it’s calling its “next generation, highest performance graphics card.” At 9AM tomorrow – 15:00 local time – the company’s set to unveil what many expect to be the rumoured Geforce GTX 590, a dual GPU GTX 580-based beast that’s supposed to pack 3Gbs of Ram and allow for single card 3D stereoscopic gaming.

According to the teaser video after the jump though, the company’s been working on this sucker for over two years, meaning it might be brand new hardware altogether.

I haven’t had much interest in PC gaming for the last few years, but the generational leap between PC’s and consoles is becoming increasingly evident. I’m just not sure I want to climb back on that perpetual upgrade merry-go-round again. One reason to stick with consoles though, with the gaming industry as it is today is that developers tend to focus on consoles and port games over to PC – making all this fancy hardware moot. And then there’s Battlefield 3. It looks absolutely fantastic, but PC gaming’s going to need more than a pretty shooter to draw me back.

Last Updated: March 23, 2011

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