Post-launch 3DS sales have “slowed considerably”

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According to one analyst, sales of Nintendo’s new handheld have slowed down to a trickle following its launch.

Of course, this is generally the sort of thing that happens after a new console gets launched; people go in to a mad frenzy buying it on or near release, with the more patient gamers waiting until there are actually games that they want to buy.

"Based on our recent checks, we believe that sales of the 3DS have slowed considerably since the initial launch window, although the Easter holiday could provide a near-term boost," Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian said. Thanks Colin.

According to rival analysts Wedbush Morgan (the house of Michal Pachter) the device sold over half a million units in the first week of its North American launch. Earlier this month, the ancient PSP even overtook the 3DS in the Japanese hardware charts. While some may signal this as an early portent to the 3DS’ doom, I think it can be put down to the system’s admittedly mediocre launch library – and its sales will inevitably sky rocket following the release of marquee Nintendo titles like Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda.

I don’t really think Nintendo need be concerned, this thing will start printing money for ‘em soon enough…

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Source : CVG

Last Updated: April 12, 2011

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