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Probation workers beware…its time for a MISFITS movie!

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As a series nut, amongst other things, I’ve always had a special place for British tv in my heart. Maybe it is because, in the past, many of the shows survive on much smaller budgets than their American counterparts and that leads to something very controversial … shows need to be really good. At the very least unique, quirky and clever enough to capture everyone’ attention and very often the shows explode internationally with a cult following. One such show, possibly a bit more obscure than others, is Misfits. So, why are we talking about a tv series? They’re making a movie, that’s why!

For those of you not familiar with the series, The Misfits is the dark, tongue-in-cheek, violent and over-sexed show about a group of young miscreants doing community service who gain superpowers, along with many other people, after a freak lightning storm. What follows are loads of misadventures, misuse of powers, violence and a healthy dose of black humour the likes of which only the British can conjure. Ever wanted to see a superhero that can control dairy products go on a killing spree? You even witness the worst power known to man… a girl with a power that causes any guy to touch her to violently try and get in her pants.

You know what though? It was good. Very good! The series has lost a bit of sparkle since its first few seasons but for fans, every taste we can get of the universe is worth it.

The creator of the Misfits, Howard Overman, has revealed that he’ finished a first draft of the film and that we might even be lucky enough to see a few old favourites returning for the movie.










Overman has mentioned the possible return of Simon and Alisha (Iwan Rheon and Antonia Thomas) for the film, both of whom were stuck in a time loop in an earlier season. This is very good news, as a major part of the shows first seasons being as great is a stellar cast, with many of the favourites dropping off the series like flies. I’ll take it further and make my wish known that we see more of Kelly, the uncontrollably chav rocket scientist, and Nathan, the most offensive (but somehow endearing) human being on the planet.

There is no guarantee that we’ll ever see this film on the (or at least a) big screen, but this shred of news gives us a bit of hope at least! Hold thumbs, everyone! I’ll bet good money that at least one probation worker meets a horrible, sticky end.


Last Updated: November 29, 2012

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  1. Nick Frost

    November 29, 2012 at 12:59

    This just made my day! Hell yes! And they BETTER bring Nathan back for the movie. Otherwise why even make it? That guy is my hero 😀


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