RIP productivity, there’s a new clicker game in town

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Shark clicker resources

What is it about clicker games that is so addictive? Is it the inherent satisfaction in getting something simply for clicking? Is it the ability to level up and get other things to get those resources without even needing to click? Is it the joy of idly watching your resources accumulate, unlocking new abilities and even more resources? Or is it just that we can play these games in our browsers, at work, without getting into any trouble (we hope)? Whatever the reason, move over Cookie Clicker, Shark Game is in town.

It starts off so simply – you’re a shark, swimming in the blue sea, eating fish. Then you recruit a shark to join you and help you eat fish – let’s not question the logistics of this. You move on, recruiting rays and crabs, collecting sand and crystals as a result. Got enough crystals, it’s time to train some science sharks, and thus the fun really starts.

With tons of science upgrades, new units and resources, as well as the possibility to build machine sharks and other strange and wonderful creations, it’s only a matter of time before you have millions of fish, sand and crystals, among other resources. Of course, like most games of its ilk, things can take a strange course from there.

do you go through a portal and explore new worlds? Do you continue to build your super society of sea life? Is this what shark week is really all about? I have no idea, but I can’t stop playing. I’ve already made it to a new world and now my crabs are collecting a new resource, but the tides are so furious that they can wash away my sharks. What is going on? I’m not totally sure, but I know I’ve been clicking away since last night, and I’m already having more fun than with my favourite cookie clicking experience. at least for now. Come join me, build the super oceanic resource machine of sharks. Click. Click.


Last Updated: June 28, 2016

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