Rumour: Brainiac to be main villain in JUSTICE LEAGUE, lineup revealed for SUICIDE SQUAD?

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Justice League

For a movie that only releases in 2016, we’ve (unofficially) heard and seen plenty of stories surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Comparatively, the movie that is hinted at in the post-colon bit of that cumbersome title, Justice League, has been relatively quiet on the rumour front. What we do know is that director Zack Snyder will be shooting it back to back with BvS (typing out the full title gives me a brain spasm) – hence the massive lead time in production – and that Oscar-winning Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio will be on solo penning duties rather than WB’s regular superhero go-to guy, David S. Goyer, with whom he co-wrote BvS.

As somebody who has lost a bit of faith in Goyer after some of his colossal plot blunders in Man of Steel, Terrio taking the narrative reins gives me way hope for Justice League. And this newly surfaced rumour, if it turns out to be true, really buoys my expectations even further.


According to a recent podcast by the professional grapevine cultivators over at Latino Review, the folks at Warner Bros\DC have chosen their villain for their team of superheroes to face in Justice League and contrary to what most people assumed would be the case, it isn’t Darkseid. Rather, LR is reporting that Superman supervillain Brainiac will instead be the central foe. This is great news for two reasons: 1) Brainiac is a superb villain, one that poses both an intellectual and physical challenge worthy of the powerhouses in the Justice League, and 2) Darkseid is not the kind of person you show off in your first team showing.

Look at how Marvel has teased Thanos (who in reality was first created by Jim Starlin for Marvel as a Darkseid knockoff way back in the day) for years, slowly introducing his plans over the course of several movies. That is how you bring the biggest, baddest antagonist in your universe into play, and it seems that WB\DC have finally wised up to this. You need to ramp up to a character of Darkseid’s stature by starting people off with some less powerful foes first.

Not that Brainiac is any slouch though. Over the years, with all of DC Comics’ universe reboots and divergent timelines, there have been numerous versions of the character (including a heroic future descendant of his in the League of Super-Heroes), but they all bear the same basic description: A humanoid artificial intelligence from the planet Colu possessing a “12-level intellect” – by comparison, the combined intelligence of the entire population of 20th century Earth is rated as a “6th-level intellect” – who has a thing for miniaturizing cities as part of his collection of worlds, and who has upgraded his physical body tremendously through various advanced technologies. In the most recent New 52 version of the character, he is linked to his iconic skull shaped ship, which boosts his physical abilities tremendously, to the extent that while on or near his ship, he is capable of easily overpowering even Superman.


Latino Review claim that the character will be introduced [POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING] during a post-credits scene in BvS, and will be heading to Earth after he picks up the same signal from the Kryptonian ship that Superman activated in Man of Steel, that attracted Zod did in that film. [END POSSIBLE SPOILER]. Brainiac has mostly tangled with Superman in his comic history, after Supes discovered that Brainiac had miniaturized and preserved Kandor, the capital city of Krypton, before that planet was destroyed. Brainiac has also partnered with Lex Luthor on several occasions, and the latest version of the characters teamed up to create Superman villain Metallo, who is one of the rumoured baddies in BvS.

However Brainiac is introduced – if he is actually introduced – as one of my all-time favourite villains, I’ll just be happy to finally see him realized on-screen.

And speaking of villains we love, Latino Review also went on to reveal another rumoured scoop, claiming that they have unearthed the character lineup for Suicide Squad, the villain-centric team-up movie that writer/director David Ayer (End of Watch, Training Day, Fury) is reportedly circling.


If you recall, the Suicide Squad is a group of captured supervillains in the DC universe who get part of their sentence commuted in exchange for going on black-ops missions for the government organization A.R.G.U.S.. Due to the nature of the team, it has always had a revolving roster, but LR claim that the movie version will consist of team leader and perennial member Deadshot, the powerhouse Blockbuster, the self-duplicating Multiplex, speedster Jaculi, telepath Mindboggler, Captain Boomerang (aka Harkness) and animal-powered Vixen.

What’s interesting about this is that insanely popular character and current member Harley Quinn is not on this rumoured lineup, but Vixen, traditionally a hero who has had numerous tenures on the Justice League is.

Now obviously, neither of these two rumours have been confirmed yet, but it has to be noted that Brainiac has recently taken a major role in two of DC’s current biggest crossover stories, “Future’s End and “Superman Doomed,” and that type of increased exposure is usually indicative of the character being primed for something big.

So what do you guys think? Would you like to see the Justice League go heads to head with Brainiac? And what do you think of that Suicide Squad lineup? Sound off below!

Last Updated: October 14, 2014

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