Rumour: Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher also returning for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, story to focus on Solo children

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No, this is not a glitch in the matrix. That sense of deja vu you’re experiencing is because back when we had no facts about Star Wars: Episode VII – no, not last week, I’m talking about last year – there already was a rumour going around that the original trio of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had met with George Lucas and would be returning.

Well you you just can’t keep a good rumour down and with recent news that Han Solo will probably be Kessel Running his way into the new film, some new insider info has popped up.

This new twist in the tale comes courtesy of Showbiz411’s Roger Friedman. The veteran showbiz snoop wrote a punctuation and spell-check optional blog entry in response to the Harrison Ford news, saying that his sources “told [him] some time ago that Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill would be reprising their roles in Episode [7]”.

While Friedman doesn’t list his source of info he does affirm for a second time that ” the three main actors are definitely coming back.” He then also goes on to indicate that his source has also informed him that the new trilogy will focus on “the children”, which seemingly is referring to twins Jaina and Jaicen and Ben Solo, the offspring of Han and Leia, as well as Anakin, the son Luke Skywalker has with Emperor’s Hand turn good girl Mara Jade. This would of course match up with my own recent theorizing, which makes me happy.

Now the exploits of the Star Wars kids are pretty well documented in the novels of the Expanded Universe, so once again the question arises as to whether or not the new trilogy is going to respect the canon of the EU novels and cleverly work around them, or simply create their own stories resulting in a new timeline. Personally, I just don’t see how Lucasfilm would slap the decades of fans and creators in the face by turning their works into glorified fan fiction, so my money is on this maybe working around the established stories.

Whatever happens, that 2015 deadline is getting closer by the day, and some concrete announcements will have to start being made soon. Besides, they’re going to need every bit of lead time they can get to start stacking up on all the alcohol and pharmaceuticals it’s going to take to get Carrie Fisher through a full film production.

Last Updated: February 20, 2013

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