Rumour: Mark Strong could be getting his bald on as Lex Luthor in MAN OF STEEL 2

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I hope you like your Tuesdays red and blue, because it looks like there’s a whole destroyed homeworld full of Man of Steel tidbits flying in today. And first up, we’re making a brief stop in Rumour-Ville.

With Man of Steel currently leaping tall box offices in a single bound, its sequel has already been greenlit with director Zack Snyder, writer David S. Goyer and producer Chris Nolan all set to return. But obviously, they’re going to have to bring in a new villain with them. Who would that villain be? Well according to some, there’s a… *cough*STRONG*cough*…possibility that it will be Lex Luthor.


Cosmic Book News are claiming that one of their sources, who has an ear to the ground in the Warner Bros offices, has heard that not only do they want Superman’s main nemesis for the second film – a claim that is definitely backed up by the plethora of LutherCorp logos to be found throughout Man of Steel – but that Zack Snyder specifically wants British actor Mark Strong for the role.

Strong is actually an inspired choice. Firstly, he barely has hair, so there’s that. Secondly, and most importantly, he’s made a career out of playing rumble-voiced, smooth talking, dangerously intelligent villains, which is exactly what we would need for the type of Luthor that could inhabit the world of and actually pose a threat to this version of Superman. It’s what many thought we were already getting when Kevin Spacey landed the role in 2005’s Superman Returns, but instead he decided to do a Gene Hackman impersonation, complete with buffoonery and land-grab schemes.

With Strong in the role, we could see a live-action version of the Lex Luthor found in the Bruce Timm animated series (voiced by Clancy Brown), the favourite incarnation of the character for many fans, including me.

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Strong is also of course no stranger to playing DC Comics villains, having already played Sinestro in the Ryan Reynolds led emerald effluent, Green Lantern. If this rumour does pan out, and Strong does get the gig, it would almost definitely put the final nail in the coffin for the Reynolds version of Hal Jordan ever showing up in a proposed Justice League movie based in the Man of Steel universe.

Now at this point, no other sources have come forward to corroborate this story in any way, so treat this completely as rumour at this point, but damn it would be a good one if it turned out to be true.

Last Updated: June 25, 2013

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