Shadow of Mordor photo mode worse on Xbox One

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SoM photo mode

You know how good Shadow of Mordor is? I finished the game, wrote my review, and I’ve still gone back for more game time. Now they’ve added a photo mode so you can take the perfect images of all your best and worst in-game moments. But it’s not so simple on Xbox One.

How did we ever live without sharing our in-game moments? It seems everyone is posting pictures to twitter or Facebook with their crazy times in awesome games. Shadow of Mordor wants that picture to be better than the usual screenshot – you can treat it like Instagram now. Just check out this video explaining all the options:

More than just removing the UI, you can adjust the field of view, the camera angles and even add filters and frames. It all seems a bit much to me – I have no interest in adding a blood or grime filter to my image. However, it does seem rather cool that I can now capture that moment when I get all the Warchief’s bodyguards to kill him, or when I vastly underestimate a sword mission and end up totally surrounded by orcs.

Of course, when rumor of this first leaked, NeoGAF looked into the matter and determined that it would actually be useless on Xbox One. Sure, you can still use the photo editing mode, but you can’t actually save or share that image from Xbox One. Except, you can, but it’s a serious mission.

According to the official notes of how to make use of this new option, it’s a simple 9-step process on PC or PS4. On Xbox One, it requires 19 steps, including taking a video of your photo, uploading it to OneDrive and fixing it in MSPaint. Yeah, I think I’ll stick with pressing my PS4’s share button when I want to show off my awesome (lack of) photo editing skills.

Last Updated: October 17, 2014

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