So you want a Nintendo 3DS? Here’s where to get one cheap.

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Nintendo’s brand new, glasses-free 3DS is indeed a marvel – and it’s the tech device that currently has me most excited. It’ll be launching locally on March 25, at a recommended retail price of R2799. That’s not a bad price at ALL, but we’ve been tipped on a way to get one for much, much cheaper.

You’ll have to hurry though, because this sneaky method is only available TODAY.

Exclus1ve Books is celebrating their birthday today, and as such are giving a 20% discount on online orders. I’ve confirmed with them that this ALSO applies to pre-orders, and guess what they’ve opened up for pre-order today? that’s right, the 3ds. that’s in addition to their ALREADY incredible price on the unit of R2600. All you have to do is enter HAPPYBIRTHDAY as a promotional code, and the revolutionary device is yours for a pittance. for the mathematically challenged, that works out to just R2080 – and you can;t complain about that.

Remember, you’ll have to hurry, because this is only valid NOW. Also, the local stock allocation is miniscule, so pre-ordering will pretty much the only way you’ll secure yourself a unit. Exclus1ves has also informed me their lower introductory price only applies to their first allocation – but they’ll be offering a mysterious software bundle to those who pay full RRP. If you want it cheaper, you’re going to have to hurry.

To make it even easier for you, here are the pre-order links :

Cosmos Black

Aqua Blue


Last Updated: March 16, 2011

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