Star Citizen is preparing for some big changes

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Star Citizen, a video game which is financed by video games that demand black market organ prices on certain spaceships, is coming. But the Star Citizen that you may have gotten used to in its alpha state, won’t be the Star Citizen that eventually releases.

There’s an upcoming Alpha 2.0 version on the way, and it’ll herald the arrival of some new flight modes. And more!

“The flashiest new feature is the additional flight modes: Precision, Space Combat Maneuvers (SCM), and Cruise,” the Star Citizen update log read.

These are all IFCS profiles that focus ship behaviours toward the highly different goals of close tolerance adjustments, combat actions, and long distance flight respectively. Though you can only use one flight mode at a time, coupled/decoupled and the collection of flight assists can still be used to further customize handling.

The mode functions as a long-distance travel option over shorter routes, that will affect different ships in various ways as spacecraft reach one-fifth of the speed of light. “At these speeds, tiny variations in angle will result in massively different flight paths, so this is where slower ships will have the chance to escape a faster ship accosting them,” RSI explained.

Of course, traveling at these incredible speeds is quite dangerous, so the ship computer will automatically pull you out of Quantum Travel if the possibility of collision is detected or the ship has any downed shields.

Other Alpha 2.0 changes include various tweaks, bug fixes and very technical stuff that my limited grasp of arithmetic has so far failed to fully understand. What the hell is “Capped Exponentially Damped Motion” even. Whatever your stance is on Star Citizen, that’s clearly some big changes on the way then.

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And that means progress. There’s no release date yet for Alpha 2.0, but it does sound intriguing so far to see the Star Citizen development evolve further.

Last Updated: November 2, 2015

Darryn Bonthuys

Something wrong gentlemen? You come here prepared to read the words of a madman, and instead found a lunatic obsessed with comics, Batman and Raul Julia's M Bison performance in the 1994 Street Fighter movie? Fine! Keep your bio! In fact, now might be a good time to pray to it!

  • MadGolem PCGaming

    Well, That should shut Derpy Sharts up for now.

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    • I can live without this update for a few months. Let us be honest. The following few months will be dominated by “OMG DEATHCLAW RUNNNNNNN!!!!”

      • HairyEwok


  • Gdom

    You can sign up to Star Citizen using this link and get extra in game currency.

  • Ghost In The Rift

    Its the year 2025, incredible boredom has seeped in the world as every gaming title ha been remastered and or re-remastered…….or so they think..

    Me: Sup Darryn, any news on the gaming industry?
    Darryn: Ya bro, like in did you hear they are developing a new Call of Duty: Black OPS 32
    Me: Well that’s ok i guess but what about something new?
    Darryn: Well Star Citizen has reached another mile stone, yeah they up to 967 million.
    Me: Shit, they still busy with that and no game yet?!?!?
    Darryn: Ya but they did release the Hangar module, Star Marine module, no gravity module, FPS module, Trading Module, Trading Module for online, Miners Module, Bar Module, planets module, weapons module, soon they will release the cockpit module too…
    Me: 0_o……

    That’s what happens in my head when i hear “Star Citizen” , i need help, please help.

    • You forgot the stripper pole module. 😛

    • Lies. All lies. I’ll still be playing Destiny in the year 2025.

      • Ghost In The Rift

        LOL….Love your patience D!!!!!

    • JustinConstantino

      dude fuck you the game hasnt been in development very long

      • Ghost In The Rift

        0_o uhm okey, how about some Jam?!?!

    • Bjørn Sandåker

      The game has been in development for 3 years at Nov. 19, 2015. This is actually a short time for such a large AAA game, which also has a single-player AAA game included.

      I think it’s the open development model in this project that confuses people, like you. They’re not used to hearing about a game until a few months or a year before release, when the marketing engine starts. As Star Citizen is crowdfunded it has to be open about its progress. Everybody knew about the project from the start.

      People should realize that their impatience is not a result of anything wrong with the project’s progress but rather their own unrealistic expectations. When every such post is spiced up with deep sarcasm and ridicule too, then it just hurts the project’s image and reputation.

  • Sageville

    “Star Citizen is preparing for some big changes”?

    Like going live perhaps?

    • Reev Jax

      It’s no where close to that

  • ToughStuff2012

    I have donated $0. Might get it if it ever comes out, but good luck to them. Microsoft sunk 100,000,000 into Halo online and scrapped it, so not like it can’t happen.

  • Nikola

    I just have a feeling this will never come out or when it does it will be a broken mess!

  • Spy Master Tokashi

    I think I will start paying more attention to this game when it is released and I can fly around….

    • Tobias Kuhn

      Well, you actually can fly around since a while. Just not in the persistent universe, but that is what 2.0 is supposed to bring and grow from. Check out YouTube for more.

  • goi

    “capped exponentially damped motion”: The current flight mechanics are tricky, because for the other clients they need to predict during the latency of the network the position of other ships. This is quite difficult while using a exponentially driven acceleration model. To calculate the position you need to calculate the logarithm which is simply not an exact solution (in fact it is an approximation). Capping the stuff does not make it easier.
    The new model is linear and deterministic -> every client can now predict exactly the position of the ship as long as the gaps by the network latency are not too huge.

    • Rasto

      Thanks for this explanation!

      Wow btw, compared to empty posts above, this one should be on top.

  • Beast potato

    $45, that’s the price for the cheapest package in Star Citizen store, once you flight around the entry level ship and decide to join, you can join a company that got larger multi-crew ships to share with. Now, is $45 you so called black market organ price? Can you name any AAA or AAAA games that are good enough to compete with this game on that price, that is also consisting of single player campagn, multi-player, role playing, FPS, real life celebrity driven stories, and an overall truly engaging sci-fi experience? Can you?

    Writer, resign from your job!

  • Fiftysixk

    Today is Star Citizens anniversary live stream. There is going to be a huge sale of limited time ships available today and during the rest of the week. They may also be bringing back the $20. ship game packages. Make sure to watch the live stream at 11 am PST for the best chance at one of those. Last year 5000 of them only lasted 20 mins. Use the link here to sign up to get $5 of in game currency:

  • Ainar

    This article showed up in my google news search as posted 7h ago, wth? Also, this really is a lazy one, ‘video game which is financed by video games that demand black market organ prices on certain spaceships’? What does that even mean?

  • ToughStuff2012


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