Star Citizen is making its production schedule public

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Hey! Member Star Citizen? Member Gary Oldman? I member! And I’m certain most of the backers who chipped in over $131 million to help crowdfund Star Citizen, member as well. So what’s the current status of Star Citizen after the last four years? Well, your backing has now earned you an actual production schedule, as Cloud Imperium Games boss Chris Roberts revealed in a blog post that donors will now receive weekly updates on the Star Marine and Arena Commander modules; the technology/systems, content and UI teams for Star Citizen 2.6.

“As you know we’ve not been keen to give hard dates on the project after the initial set of dates which we had estimated when the project was a lot smaller in scope,” Roberts wrote. It’s a tricky situation for Roberts and his crew, as one facet of the Star Citizen community isn’t happy with what they perceive to be a total lack of development and commitment to a title that is shaping up to be The Last Guardian of PC gaming:

Star Citizen (3)

When I’ve talked about releases, I’ve always qualified any discussion of timing with “we’re hoping to” or “the goal is” to give a rough timeline for people, but unfortunately some people often tend to forget the qualifiers and treated my comments nonetheless as a promise.

Because of this we have been reticent to share our internal timelines, even with caveats, as it always seems to cause trouble; one section of the community gets annoyed because things are perceived as late while another gets annoyed wondering why we shared dates at all if they aren’t solid.  Of course even when we don’t give dates we have yet another part of the community getting annoyed because they feel left in the dark and have no idea when the next build will drop.

Basically it is a Kobayashi Maru.

I’ve reflected long and hard on this dilemma and have concluded, to quote another Eighties film, “the only winning move is not to play.”
What if we didn’t give you just an estimated date, but instead shared our internal schedule? No filter, no hedging. You see what we see.

Which might explain why there has been no mention whatsoever of Squadron 42 single-player module and it’s star-studded cast, which you won’t see pop up in that weekly schedule.

Add to all that the massive exposes that Kotaku UK wrote on Star Citizen, and there’s definitely something going on there. Still, Star Citizen can easily support itself, thanks in no small part to its persistent crowdfunding and at least one person who’ll most likely be leaving referral codes in the comment section below after this post has gone live.

Last Updated: November 21, 2016

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