StarCraft 2 Midnight Launches

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it’s a pretty big day for the entire universe. It’s been 12 years since Blizzard’s seminal RTS redefined the genre, becoming the standard against which others would be measured.

Now is the eve of the hugely anticipated sequel’s release – as the first of three games, StarCraft II : Wings of Liberty hits store shelves tomorrow. Most fans will taken this week off, stocked up on Red Bull and an assortment of tasty, barely-nutritional sustenance ready to follow the exploits of Terran rebel Jim Raynor – as well as jump in to the multiplayer that’ll keep this being one of the most played games for at least the next decade or so.

If you can’t contain your excitement, and are unable to wait until the new day’s sunlight hits your bedroom window, consider going to one of the midnight launches.

BT Games will be holding a midnight launch at 22 of their stores nationwide from 10pm until 2 the next morning. They’ll be giving away limited edition StarCraft II t-shirts and figurines, as well as a StarCraft Book Bundle that’ll be going to one lucky attendee.

Zaps, located at the Brightwater Commons in Randburg Gauteng will be hosting a Midnight Launch, as well as a LAN that’ll be free to those who pre-order the game from them. They’ll also be giving away some wicked prizes – including a StarCraft II branded Razer bundle.

Online retailers will also be jumping on the Midnight Launch train, hosting a party for Cape Town customers who’ve pre-ordered from them. If you’re located in the fair Cape and have pre-ordered the game from Kalahari, mail your order number to [email protected] for further instructions.

There will also be a launch at Top CD in Menlyn Pretoria, where they’ll be hosting a mini-lan, as well as supply snack and drinks.

Know anywhere else that’ll be letting fans Zerg rush earlier? Are you going to any of the launches?

Last Updated: July 26, 2010

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