The Evil Within launch trailer

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There is a lot of be afraid of in The Evil Within. In general, I’m less afraid when I can actually see the baddies that I need to kill – those environments are absolutely terrifying for me, though. Here is a trailer showing off all the horror as the game launches.

As far as launch trailers go, this one is pretty standard fare. It shows off the aesthetic of the game, and a few environments, and adds in some accolades for good measure. However, it’s the reminder that I will spend plenty of time skulking around in the dark while playing that has raised my blood pressure all over again. I can usually handle the fear of death while taking on a boss – that’s somewhat “normal” in a game. It’s the creepy environments and bizarre sound effects as you move around that will give me a heart attack.

Sure, gore can creep anyone out, and it looks like The Evil Within will have plenty of it. But it’s the atmosphere and tension that will cause the big scares, and it seems like we might have plenty of that in store, too.

Will you be picking up the game today? Are you excited for the fear? We will be getting a review to you as soon as we get our copy, and I reserve a few changes of pants for my play through. I’m seriously hoping that the game brings the same fears I’ve been missing from recent Resident Evil games; we need survival horror to be about the terror again.

Last Updated: October 15, 2014

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