The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 10 January 2014

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It’s back baby! Bigger than a Christmas belly after the itis has hit. More powerful than a mob stampede on 26 December to return unwanted games. Able to leap tall deductions of logic in a single bound! It’s the weekly wrap! DAN DA DA DADA DAN DA DADADADA!

Best Story

It’s the first proper week of the year, and already, we’ve got some new game announcements on the way that are looking pretty darn decent. Top of that list is Alien: Isolation, a game which is setting out to do something that none of the other Alien games have managed to do so far: Make a gaming experience that utilises that franchise properly.

Worst Story

Games for charity isn’t a new concept, with various outlets and organisations regularly doing some good work for the less fortunate. Unfortunately, being a drunk jackass isn’t a new concept either, and when the two ideas mix, you get this unfortunate result.

Best ION Header


Jussim bru, you okes are really liking this jean-pants ripping model Isabella Milan, hey?

Most Comments

Gavin, wonderful troll that he is, has managed to snag the most comments this week by once again raising the ire of religious people. Also, something about a crappy bible-based game, but I forget.

Least Comments

Sorry Stephen, only one shitake mushroom was given about your post reminding folks about the Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 event.

Batman Of The Week


And our first Batman of the week is Geoff! The bat-bastard. I bet he doesn’t even own a Bat-cowl, or wear it when answering the door. Freakin’ poser.

Header Image Of The Week


I need to win something this week, or my already monumentally fragile ego will crumble like a tennis biscuit in tea. So I’m snagging header of the week with this little bit of sci-fi trolling.

Comment Of The Week

Umar may appreciate Nier, but I’ll forgive him for that lapse in judgement thanks to this bit of comedy gold about certain games having performance issues:

”Coming…When it’s ready” …. Mirror’s Edge

”Came…When it wasn’t ready” ….. Battlefield 4

”Tried coming”….Aliens Colonial Marines

“Can’t get it up. Never came”…Ashes Cricket 2013

Last Updated: January 10, 2014

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