The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 12 December 2014

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Less than two weeks till Christmas! I’ve decided to take on the role of Santa for the local community, giving out presents to all the children. I’m a bit broke at the moment though, so I couldn’t afford the traditional hat. Thankfully, I had some red dye lying around, so I decided to go ahead and change my hair colour as an alternate. Unfortunately, I now look like Ronald Mcdonald. At least kids will still love me, right?

Best Stories

We’ve had a good year for gaming overall methinks. It’s good to be a gamer, and you can see why in just two minutes. Once you’re done there, you can see which of those awesome titles walked away with Oscars Game Awards.

Worst Stories

There are lots of stories to boo at this week. No Kingdom Rush Origins for PC? BOO! The Witcher 3 has been delayed again? BOOO!!! Final Fantasy VII is headed to PlayStation 4 but isn’t a remake? BOOOOOOOOOO!!!

The worst story is easily this one though. Boo x eleventy bajillion!

Random Stories

A new Borderlands is on the cards! What do you mean it’s only available in China? It should at least be called Borderrands to set it apart… wait, nevermind. No name change needed I guess.

Meanwhile, in Tekken 7, a wild cat character has appeared. Man, people really hate her!

Best ION Header


It’s Portuguese, it’s hot… did you think I was really going to pick anything else for best ION header?

Most Comments

Holy crap, 319 comments! Thanks for all the support chums, it really means a lot to us <3

Least Comments

Under normal circumstances, the article with the least comments is usually one that is posted after hours, when you’re all too busy relaxing at home. Not this time though. This story was posted during normal hours, it received a total of zero feedback. Not even a pity comment? Is this karma or something?

Batman Of The Week


No, it’s not me sadly. It never will be! The least I can do is use a cabbage farmer Batman image to announce the winner, and surprise, it’s Geoff once again!

Cabbage Of The Week

Literally Zoe this week

Look at Zoe, holding that cabbage proudly! Yes I know it’s not really her, but I’m being all metaphorical and stuff here ok, so deal with it. While handing out this award, Zoe was spouting something about “top secret mission”. Sorry, I can’t hear you over the giant cabbage you’re holding… PLEASE TRY AGAIN NEXT WEEK!

Header Image Of The Week


I love me a good Mexican joke! Geoff had my attention with this header. He had my heart with its alt-text.

Comment Of The Week

Well done Trev, you did it again! Where is Sandy?

Sandy is playing hide-and-go-seek…


Well I guess we’ll never find him…

Bonus Premium Content

HOW IS THIS THING ALLOWED NEAR KIDS? Brb having nightmares forever… thanks Darryn!

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Last Updated: December 12, 2014

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