The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week (13 February 2015)

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BotW Bull

I would totally write something fun and witty about the past week but I’m too busy reading about the local political situation and curling up into a foetal position. Also, screw it, it’s Friday and I want to go play games instead.

Best Story

There wasn’t too much in the way of good news this week. Bethesda might be announcing something cool at E3, but it’s far too soon to get excited. I suppose it’s just Bioware that gave us some hope this week. They canned work on Shadow Realms so that The Old Republic could blossom, and we have hope for Mass Effect 4 to come out one day soonish.

Worst Story

Bad news wasn’t in short supply. Amazon was selling counterfeit AMD chips, Steam Greenlight is even more broken than we thought and Molyneux is continuing his trend of failing to deliver on promises. Worst of all? Mainstream entertainment continues to make a mess of gaming.

Best ION

Poza Vzglyad

I hear you all crying out with a “What? Winning ION is a lady again?” but I have to give it to Poza, she’s got that something special that beats out our Homegrown Hottie. Plus it helps that I wasn’t that hungry after looking at Geoff’s foodie ION.

Most Comments

I actually had hope that I might grab this one with the debate about review scores. It almost got more comments than Geoff’s Evolve Day One patch post. But then Gav had to go and write about GamerGate and blow us away.

Least Comments

Oh look, no one cared about Alessandro’s article about Xbox One’s update. Two comments? LOSER!

Batman of the Week


Thanks to a very special Boon, Geoff nabs this. Again. Curses!

Best Header


Geoff wins this week, hands down.

Best Comment

In typical Darryn fashion, he made a glorious article about our new game review system. Nick de Bruyne’s comment was an absolute winner:

“Okay team, we have just been informed that unless we get a Jeremy Clarkson, we are all out of a job”. Last year we scraped by on a Gandalf, but Gandalfs aren’t good enough anymore”

Bonus Content

Guys, I’m really proud of this video review for Evolve that Darryn whipped up for us. Of course, if you don’t like it, please tell us and give us reasons why so that we can be better in the future.

Last Updated: February 13, 2015

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