The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 28 November 2014

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And that just about wraps up November. Come next Monday, we will be in silly season. It’s the month of that jolly red guy, presents, and abnormally large trees with more bling than the OPPOSITE of my bank account. Time to get those Christmas lists together! Don’t forget to ask for earplugs. If you thought Boney M playing in-store a month or two ago was bad, it’s gonna be turned up to full throttle come December!

Best Stories

Evolve looks all sorts of amazing. It’s already hitting all the right notes, opting to NOT hide DLC maps behind pay walls.

I’m slowly turning into a Riot Games fanboy. Even though I don’t play League of Legends religiously, I have massive respect for their game and the way they look after it. Think you’re any good at (righteous) hacking? They’ll pay you to help find and iron out any security breaches.

Feel like hanging out with likeminded people? Want to do some shopping and see some cool cosplay at the same time? Don’t forget that Geekfest is taking place tomorrow! Heck, you might even spot Zoe so be sure to give her a hug!

Oh, and don’t forget we are giving away a kickass prize – A playStation 4 AND Sony Xperia Z3. Best you drop everything and enter ASAP!

Worst Stories

Ever played a game of Counter-Strike and wondered just how the fluff somebody pulled off that insane headshot? It’s the stuff you’d expect from pros… they’re all skill, no cheating, right? Wrong, three CS:GO pro players got banned just days before DreamHack Winter!

I don’t care what you say, this is a terrible story! Steam sale is live? I had only just made peace with my wallet… DAMN YOU GABEN!

YouTube, the place of integrity, ethics, and transparency! Or is it? The British Ad Authority are clamping down on YouTube Payola. Will this be the end of fake videos packed with paid for opinions? We sure hope so!

Random Stories

Sony really have had some odd advertising campaigns in the past. This latest Remote Play advert is no different, attempting masturbation humour to sell more Vitas.

Mushroom eating plumbers that collects coins, kills turtles, and jumps on clouds to save a princess? Legit. The physics behind the tiny planets traverses? IMPOSSIBRU!

Heck, you can watch the very same plumber dance right here. Or you could watch Batman take on Darth Vader.

Best ION Header


I didn’t even look at the other ION posts. Much like bacon, pizza wins by default. I can eat it all day, every day!

Most Comments

We don’t usually take today’s articles into account when doing the round up. I can’t ignore this though… 146 comments (and counting) on Black Friday in South Africa! Get back to work dammit, the weekend hasn’t started yet!

Least Comments

How do I only have two comments on my article about every single Final Smash video? Sniff, I’ll just go play the game alone, because I am clearly the only one who loves the series.

Batman Of The Week


He’s back. After a few weeks of intense training, Darryn was able to punch the joker Geoff off the podium. He is this week’s Batman!

Cabbage Of The Week


Gav often escapes the cabbage award, and sometimes I’m just nice enough to take one for the team. Not this week Gav… not this week! We all know how much he loves Beer, so I took to Google to find an appropriate image. Feeling hungry? Why not try some apple and beer braised cabbage? Ewwwwwwwwww…..

Header Image Of The Week


I really have to hand it to Zoe. She is getting better each week… I really thought Arno was a pirate in this header! [Ed: Are you blind?]

Comment Of The Week

I must say, I agree with Captain JJ 100% on the Black Friday article.

Dion Wired specials mean you now get to buy things at the same price that it usually costs everywhere else.

Funny story, I used to visit Makro quite often during the week for work years ago. I would see a camera priced at R10k for example. Come weekend time, I would see the very same camera marked at R12 500, but discounted a crazy R2500! People ate it right up. Don’t be fooled, make sure you do some research before dropping your hard earned cash!

Bonus Premium Content

I’m really not the biggest fan of game streamers. When it comes to Day9 though, I can’t help but giggle. Check out his best moments from Amnesia. If you can’t watch the first video, you have to promise me you’ll watch the second! Just remember to prepare your ears for some high pitched squealing.

This video really is not safe for life. You can thank Darryn later!

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Last Updated: November 28, 2014

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