The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 3 October 2014

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I had plans of hibernating in bed, playing 3DS solidly for the entire weekend, then I remembered I’ve got to get my ass onto a bike and get training. This sadly means I need to venture into the outside world. The sun is such a cruel mistress! Anyways, here’s the news you might have missed this week.

Best Story

It’s always nice to see that our local talent is going places, and this time, the place our one team going is France. Energy eSports are headed to the Electronic Sports World Cup! It’s going to be a great opportunity for them, and we wish them all the best.

In other news, somebody turned these kitties into adorable assassins. Pipe down, I don’t care what your argument is… cats win the Internet by default!

Lastly, it’s not every day we read about hackers being caught, but these few were. I might forgive the theft from the U.S Army or even Microsoft. Theft from Valve on the other hand is inexcusable. How dare you target lord gaben!

Worst Story

The saddest story this week is undoubtedly our server being the source of many, MANY headaches for everybody at the office – especially Geoff. The poor guy was forced to drink excessively (more than normal) thanks to all the error establishing database connection messages he got. I myself had a mini heart attack each time I wanted to read comments on our apology article and my tab had that heading.

Random Story

I was against Smart Watches, at least until some chap decided to run Minecraft and Doom on his. You have my interest, show me more! Bananas, I will no longer be able to take them seriously. WTF IS THIS? Let’s not forgot about those strawberries either…

Also, who knew that Microsoft couldn’t count? Let’s just skip Windows 9 they said! Coincidentally, 9 is 3 cubed, and we all know who hates the number 3. GABE NEWELL OWNS MICROSOFT? You read it here first!

Best ION Header


Geoff really knows his way to my heart (through the stomach, duh). Every Tuesday he features the best looking and tasting food, and before I know it, I find my keyboard covered in my own drool. I need me a schwarma right this second!

Most Comments

PS Plus is going up? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS? People were outraged, sad, and even questioned the mathematical ability of Darryn (as well as the definition of slightly) in 101 comments. He’s right guys, go get your calculators or a nearby varsity professor to double check. Let’s be honest though, even at that new price, the service is still well worth every cent. It’s just that Sony saved it for the absolute last second to tell anybody the change was happening which has everybody grabbing their riot gear.

Least Comments

You know what isn’t over 9000? The comment on Darryn’s article for the new Dragon Ball Xenoverse gameplay footage. At least it wasn’t a pity comment… those all end up on my articles which thankfully save me from this award!

Batman Of The Week

Which is Zoe and Which is Darryn........................

This week really was close for Batman. Darryn, Geoff, and Zoe were neck and neck. In the end, we all knew who it would be. Geoff uses his magical Asian abilities once more to secure the top spot!

Cabbage Of The Week


This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I crack open the champagne and celebrate. Guess who your cabbage is this week? I’ll give you a hint: his name starts with a ‘S’ and ends in an ‘ANDY’

Header Image Of The Week


I quite enjoyed this header by Geoff. So simple, so elegant, so Daisy!

Comment Of The Week

We are genuinely sorry that our server being full of crap was the source of much pain for you. We just never realised it was THIS bad (we are so sorry oVg):

It was easier playing Destiny off-line than logging onto Lazygamer yesterday.

Bonus Premium Content

Glub Glub! Glub Glub! Charlie I have the amulet! The choo-choo-shoe! PUT A BANANA IN YOUR EAR! Charlie the Unicorn is old news… this video still makes me giggle each time though – so enjoy if you have never seen it before <3

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Last Updated: October 3, 2014

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