The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the last week (7 March 2014)

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Wow, South Africa has not had a good week. Between non-stop rain in Joburg making our roads disintegrate and Eskom taking back their power due to “wet coal” I have been pretty cranky. Good thing I get to shoot things with a Titan soon, oh no wait…

Best Story

Rekindling that little bit of joy and optimism that we keep guarded in our cold, dead hearts, there is a glimmer of hope coming from the MSSA. Perhaps the new president really is willing to change things in the association; at least he’s reaching out to other people in the community.

Worst Story

Wow this was a bad week. So many stories that could be have been the worst. We had South Park not getting into Germany, layoffs and departures. However, there is no doubt about the worst story this week – Titanfall will not be coming to South Africa.

Best ION Header


I love a lady with some muscles and booby grabbing. Yup, this one is my winner.

Most Comments

What a surprise! You guys had a lot to say about Titanfall getting denied to South Africa. Local is seriously not so lekker at the moment.

Least Comments

Fine, guys, I can take a hint! I took this award for the first time this year. You guys just don’t care about getting free maps on Killzone Shadow Fall.

Batman of the Week

Batman swirl

Proving his perpetual awesomeness, Geoff grabbed Batman this week despite being without power for over five hours yesterday. That’s right, even in the dark, he is victorious – truly, our dark knight.

Header Image of the Week

COD Ghostbusters

I’ve got to give it to Darryn for his awesome COD Ghostbusters header. Now, if only he’d shopped himself in with the guys…

Comment of the Week

Given the number of comments on the article, it’s not surprising our best one came from the Titanfall story, where oVg wins comment of the week with his genius:

New meaning to the term season pass lol WHAT SEASON DO I GET TO PLAY?

Last Updated: March 7, 2014

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