The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 7 November 2014

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I really had plans to fill my weekend to the brim with gaming. Being Portuguese though, my schedule just filled up with a bunch of family gatherings. So many uncles and aunts and cousins, WHERE DID THEY ALL COME FROM? Goodbye Saturday and Sunday, I will miss you so!

Best Stories

There are those of you who can somehow, SOMEHOW speak more than one language. If you hate Nintendo because they don’t let you import their games due to region locking, well, hate no more. There is hope for you yet. We’re also never going to let people forget that we are the Advanced Warfare champions. Gavin just won’t let it go! Don’t forget, you can win a nice shiny Atlas Limited Edition of the game too.

Worst Stories

The Black Glove is struggling to reach its Kickstarter goal. I think the game looks rather interesting, but with around 10 hours left to go now, they are not even half way there. It doesn’t look like it will ever happen.

When it comes to PC gaming, the Master Race loves bragging about how awesome Steam is. A platform that keeps your games in one neat place, sales for days, and Gabe Newell? IT’S THE BEST! First we thought Ubisoft was simply ditching the UK Steam store, but we found out this morning that they are actually removing their games from Steam worldwide. Many gamers aren’t happy. You should all learn from Gavin. Learn to let it go.

Random Stories

There weren’t really any WTF stories this week, except maybe for this public announcement and this assault on the ears.

Best ION Header


Oh man the sexy iMac with retina 5k display. Just look at those curves, that beautiful finish! What a perfectly well priced piece of technology.


Most Comments

It was Call of Duty week, and there were a bunch of articles with loads of comments including my review and this article discussing the horrendous lag the game seems to have. The winner though, raking in 141 comments, is the article discussing the frame rate on the PlayStation 4 coming at a price.

Least Comments

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D will be landing in 2015. Too bad only three people seem to care; Darryn, and the two commenters on the article.

Batman Of The Week


It must be hard winning Batman so frequently. Just look at poor Geoff, so tired that he had to lie down for a quick snooze!

Cabbage Of The Week

A cabbage and his friends

Oh man, this doesn’t happen often… when it does though, I celebrate! SANDY IS YOUR CABBAGE THIS WEEK! LOOK AT THAT SILLY CABBAGE FACE!

Header Image Of The Week


It was Guy Fawkes the other day, and it resulted in some top class photoshop, at least from Geoff and Darryn. My skills need some serious work, but I really look forward to any future shop-offs. Anyways, this was one of my favourites from Geoff.

Comment Of The Week

Splatoon looks so rad, AMIRITE UMAR?

Oh what, so NOW tentacles are suddenly cool?

No, they’ve always been cool! I mean… er…

Bonus Premium Content

We really can’t stop giggling at this. I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO DAT! Note, lower your volume… for your own safety.

We’re feeling so generous this week, so you get to watch this too!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Because you’re all such awesome readers, we’re giving you this limited edition, extra length video goodness for free as well!

Last Updated: November 7, 2014

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