The good the bad and the ugly of the past week – 30 April 2015

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Finally adopted... what a cutie!

What a tough week. I had to get up early like, 3 times. What an absolute pain! If only we had enough public holidays to fill out an entire 5-day week… I think the world would be a much better place if that were the case. Lazier, yes, but much nicer overall. Also, there would be more time for gaming. If that doesn’t guarantee world peace, then I don’t know what will!

Bah, forget world peace, let’s talk about what happened this week! Here are the top picks from… er… the last two days worth of news.

Best Stories

If none of you saw this coming, I’d recommend a refresher course in cabbage crystal ball gazing. My top story this week is of course, the revealed patch 6.84 details for Dota 2. NEW META! NEW STUFF! NEW EVERYTHING!

Top stories were actually slim this week. Not this one though, it dialled in at OVER 9000!!! There was a collective Internet KAAAAMEEEEHAAAAAMMEEEEHAAAA of joy when the news of a brand new Dragon Ball anime series dropped.

Worst Stories

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, you [REDACTED]. Seriously, is there any other way to describe this [REDACTED] idiot? I think not.

In other horrifying news, the new Silent Hills is coming along nicely. We can expect it to land… wait… what do you mean it was canned? WHAT? DON’T TAKE LISA AWAY FROM ME! SHE WAS THE ONLY SCARY FRIEND I HAD AFTER DARRYN! Seriously though, that P.T demo was something special. Even as a non horror-gamer, I am sorely disappointed to see this game get killed off. Damn you Konami, damn you…

Random Stories

Oh Valve, they can never make up their minds. First they’re all like, “LOL pay for mods boet,” and then they’re like, “OMG soz we didn’t mean to mess with your Skyrim!”. Now there’s some hardcore debating taking place. Good luck Valve. One does not simply anger the Internet and resolve it. Ever.

Best ION Header


The debate for best ION header of the week was a toughie. Do we choose food, or do we choose a leather LG phone? The solution was easy; which one would be tastier?

Most Comments

A new year, a new Call of Duty. A new Call of Duty, a new article with millions of comments. Dammit Black Ops 3, you’re so far from release and you already have people dropping 116 comments all over you!

I really thought that article was the top contender, until Zoe pointed out that her piece on White men dominating the South African gaming industry has 278 comments. Damn, that must be some kind of record O_O

Least Comments

New Batman Arkham trailer? YAWN! A video preview on Witcher 3? ZZZZ! Final Fantasy XV demo is getting an update? Just hand me the tent already! All of these articles amassed a whopping 4 comments each. Such comment, very discuss. WOW!

Batman of the Week


At time of writing, Zoe is Batgirl. Will she keep that position though? Can she batarang the rest of us down until this article goes live? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT PARAGRAPH!

Yes, yes she can. She ain’t no holla Batgirl!

Cabbage of the Week

You know when I first started cabbage award, I expected to run short of images within weeks. APPARENTLY THE INTERNET HAS MILLIONS

Hooboy, what a week. Alessandro and I have been neck and neck, fighting to stay clear of that bottom spot, at least until Geoff arrived. Oh man oh man if Geoff grabs cabbage this week I’ll hold it over him for… at least five minutes!

Dammit, Geoff isn’t cabbage. Poor Alessandro is though, in his second week running!

Header of the Week


I’ll just leave this here. Well played Geoff, well played!

Comment of the Week

Spathi wins a bazillion points for his amazeballs comment on the ESPN radio jock mocking eSport article:

Looks like the name Colin is reserved for people who don’t understand e-sports.


Bonus Content

I’ll never get over Who Killed Captain Alex. I laugh myself to tears every single time! Here’s the trailer for the movie:

Darryn is a genius I tell you. Baker Street on top of this Halo trailer? IT WORKS TOO DAMN WELL!


Last Updated: April 30, 2015

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