The Good the Bad and the Ugly of the past week – 30 October 2015

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The king

I have a confession to make. I’ve thrown all cabbages out of the house, and replaced them instead with a bunch of carved pumpkins. That’s right, it’s Halloween tomorrow, which means I get dress up, go to every house in my neighbourhood, and pester everybody for a spot of candy. Now if only I knew what to dress up as…

Best Stories

The Overwatch beta was only meant to hit America this week, but then Blizzard were awesome and launched it in Europe too. If you’re interested in playing the shooter, best you keep your eyes glued to your email – they’re be dishing out additional invites frequently. Why should you care? Well, those of us in the office who got access can’t shut up about it. Alessandro likes that Overwatch always makes you feel like a great player, while Kyle reckons it’s possibly the best game he has ever played.

This week, Sony held a conference at Paris Games Week, and while it was a bit on the boring side, it did yield some awesome news. No Man’s Sky finally has a release date, as does Street Fighter V, and Horizon Zero Dawn is looking more enticing each time it’s shown! Sheesh, 2016 is looking to be a busy year for gaming.

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Worst Stories

Hey, Microsoft have been adding Xbox 360 titles to the Xbox One library for a while now, I wonder if Sony will follow suit? Apparently not. It looks like the PlayStation 4 will probably never have backwards compatibility. Boo!

Quake Live has dropped its free-to-play option. In the long run, charging a once off off fee is likely going to be more beneficial for players, except Bethesda didn’t say anything to anyone, and have gone and wiped away every player’s data without warning. Naturally, people are pissed.

In other horrible news, SXSW panel about online harassment was cancelled due to online and offline threats. Oh the irony!

Also, Destiny said goodbye to elemental effects on primary legendary guns. Having not played the game myself, I can’t really comment on whether this is truly sad news, but it sure sounds like it is.

Random Story

As you very well know, it’s Halloween tomorrow, which is all about spooks and scares. Want to celebrate the occasion with a game or two? Here’s a top five list of the scariest games ever. Plot spoiler: somebody dies at the end of the video.

ION of the Week


Dried, cured, processed meats? Yum, but no. Wine and cheese? Please, stop whining Zoe, it’s not ION of the week. Nothing can beat Megatron, nothing… except maybe Optimus Prime and all his transformer buddies.

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Most Comments

I love my backlog, don’t you? Let’s add to it with these new Halloween sales.  Everybody is excited, so excited that 121 comments found their way to that article.

Batman of the Week

Dammit Darryn

We love Darryn, yes we do, but we also hate that he is on a Batman streak. STAHP!

Cabbage of the Week


I don’t suppose I could pawn this award off to Kyle again this week? No? Fine, I am cabbage yet again!

Best Header of the Week


No servers for Uncharted 4’s multiplayer? Guess it’s going to go the peer-to-peer route. Oh Geoff, you have my vote for header of the year with this magical image!

Comment of the Week

That Elite Xbox One controller certainly is nice, isn’t Hammersteyn?

This controller is like Viagra. It gives great performance but no one will admit buying it.

No truer words have ever been spoken!

Bonus Content

I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that…

10/10 best pet costume in the world!



Last Updated: October 30, 2015

Matthew Figueira

Defence of the Ancients? More like Defence of the cabbages! Have you seen my head? I look like a Merino Sheep on pole. NO SHANGE only SHAPPIES! :D

  • The bad is Bt games prices went up due to the weak Rand

    • Hammersteyn

      And then some!

      • Now Im going to be forced to play CS:GO and get me some $1000 daggers to sell

        • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

          I need to get into that it seems

          • My friends first drop was a $60 gun, but he kept it

          • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja


            Ma se baard hare.

            [drops EVERYTHING and starts install of CS:GO]

          • LOL, go to CS:GO market and check some of the guns skins and knives skins prices, and people buy that crap for that money, though it $2.49 to open a case and it relies on luck

          • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

            Geez, I need to go farm CSGO

          • Just one please

          • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

            Yeah, just one sixty dorrar game and I’m set for 3 Steam sales

          • thats my thought as well

          • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

            So, when are we farming?

          • Doesnt work like that but we can try

          • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja


          • Hammersteyn


        • Hammersteyn

          I don’t even like COD. But that’s what we’re playing next 🙁

          • but you PS4, I cant shoot for S#$% on console, need my M&K

          • Hammersteyn

            550 hours in Destiny will fix that XD

          • I sold Destiny, might buy 2.0 sometime

          • Hammersteyn

            Their DLC has gone from bad to excellent in their defence

          • I know, and I had fun with the game no doubt but the mindless grinding got to me and pvp was sometimes frustrating with a controller

          • Hammersteyn

            PVP blows, they’re forcing people to get seven headshots in one match with a shitty hand cannon for an exotic quest. Most people do it with their friends who stand still

          • Didnt know that, I would just play the game, like with BF4 getting some weapons is fun

    • Rock789

      BT game’s prices went up because they’re BT Games and they need to pay for the music equipment business they overpaid for (and is now tanking)… No other retailer has increased them that much.

      Rather stick to online (especially Raru – they get everything BT stocks).

    • oVg

      Guitar Hero Live Guitar Bundle R1650… Halo 5 Guardians R800 NO SPLIT SCREEN. Your sibling will have to buy another copy.

      Who the hell can afford this hobby in South Africa? Zumas Kids?

      • Captain JJ the Goo

        Zuma already plays Halo with the SA citizens, he’s already tired of that.

        • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

          I thought he plays Tropico, ZA edition?

          • Captain JJ the Goo

            Not yet…possibly soon

          • Hammersteyn

            After that it’s shower simulator

          • Captain JJ the Goo

            Oscar seems to be quite good at The Escapists

          • Hammersteyn

            Doesn’t seem to be a fan of Knock Knock

          • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

            More like tic tic boom

          • Captain JJ the Goo

            Schabir Shaik seems to be a pro at Plague Inc.

          • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

            More like Bio Inc (go google that, and have a laugh on me, not for the game, game is good, but for the reference)

          • Captain JJ the Goo

            Though you lose points by using a mobile game.

          • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

            Oh it is fun killing a patient, so much fun

          • Hammersteyn


      • Hammersteyn

        I used to trade games to afford new ones, I’m afraid that might not be viable anymore

        • I trade now at cash crusaders, sold AssCreed4 and Fifa15 for R500, and I laughed walking into bt games

        • oVg

          I stopped doing that, its like handing your children over to a work house 🙁 I now swap games with my fiends at work. Like the 90s when we had no money lol

          • Hammersteyn

            LOL we need to hire more staff

          • oVg

            Its only in the last year that all the married dudes have committed to PS4s for some reason. They were on the fence for a long while.

          • Captain JJ the Goo

            I did the honorable thing and stayed with pc 😉

          • Hammersteyn

            Sounds fun

          • Captain JJ the Goo

            Damn it. Your comment took the wind out of my sails now.
            I’m sure Steam has a game for that though….. ;P

          • Hammersteyn

            Yeah, wind simulator on Steam Greenlight

          • Captain JJ the Goo

            You’re on a roll today. Fine. You win this one.

          • Hammersteyn


          • Hammersteyn
      • Lucky for me I dont care about GHL, only peripheral i want is a flight stick for elite dangerous

        • oVg

          But look at all the retail outlets like Musica. The games are all R900 and they are selling very well according to the staff.

          • Captain JJ the Goo

            Also look who buys at Musica;)

          • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja


          • Captain JJ the Goo

            Already edited that, slow poke ;P

          • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

            Doesn’t matter MilkBag, YOU MISSED IT

          • I never go into musica waste of energy, but guess the kids that go there with mommy is in heaven

          • oVg

            Shame I remember last XMAS I watched a salesmen tell this soccer mom that DESTINY is the game she should get. I walked over and asked her if her son is an on-line gamer and she said no, they don’t have internet. I told her to buy Far Cry 4.

            R850 is a shit load of money.

          • I also try and help helpless people when it comes to games, sales people very pushy to people who got little clue over games and such

      • HAHAH! So, not a Destiny killer then? Tehehe

        • oVg

          too soon. Dont go into Halo trolling, those fanboys are crazy.

        • Nikola


  • Hammersteyn
  • Captain JJ the Goo

    Though I must admit, Dutch Matrix’s appearance earlier on a certain comic was also great

  • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

    That 90s video…

  • Brady miaau

    That poor cat! Shame

    • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

      Which one, the pirate or the royal pu$$y?

  • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja
  • Sageville

    thought I’d find a mention of the ToysRUs promotion that broke their website and was suddenly and miraculously “Sold-Out” when the site came back up.

    I call bullshit.

    • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

      Aye, you called it

    • Nikola

      Yeah that was a LOT of fun hey…

    • Audacity (or-das-it-eeee-eee)

      It was very disappointing

  • Jonah Cash

    Well done Hammer! Missed it through the week, but that was a really good one.

  • The Fence ? Where ?

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