The Longest Games Advert in History?

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On Wednesday I posted about that idiotic PS3 ad that served no purpose and then yesterday we posted about the first video in the new Xbox 360 advertising campaign that was once again a little off key.

Now it’s the Sims turn to have its advertising posted. However they get away with having a pointless advert because lets face it, the game is pretty pointless anyway, but did they have to make it so very long?

The advert spans the entire length of the latest Katy Perry song… or 3 minutes 58 seconds for those of you without a encyclopedic musical memory.

Be warned however, the advert may show female frontal nudity at one stage.. or it may be a feminine looking guy.. either way there is a jacuzzi scene…

Last Updated: September 26, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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