Watch a World of Warcraft Nerd Best Blizzard’s Loremaster

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The Warcraft universe, greatly expanded through insanely popular MMO world of Warcraft is one enveloped in lore, accumulated knowledge, facts and history about the universe and its many prolific characters. It’s gotta be tricky keeping track of all of that, even for Blizzard’s Chris Metzen, their resident loremaster, who’s responsible for crafting much of that lore.

Watch as a red-shirted super-nerd takes Blizzard to task over a character, who according to the canon, should be in up-coming World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm – but isn’t.

I, for one, welcome our monotonous, red-shirt wearing nerd overlords.

But at least he’s not this guy – a nervy, twitchy, crybaby pirate.

As seen on FileFront’s Gaming Today

Last Updated: October 27, 2010

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