Will DOCTOR STRANGE finally make 3D worthwhile?

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I’ll be completely honest with you, I do not enjoy watching 3D movies. And I know I’m not in a minority here. Firstly, it’s the extra price tag which is a gripe but also I find very few films actually add anything of value with 3D to justify it. Secondly, I don’t like the way it forces the director into making certain shots which look great for 3D, but do nothing for the actual film. And while I’m still skeptical, I’m hopeful that Marvel has been listening and that Doctor Strange will be one that finally uses the format correctly.


Ever since Avatar came on board and made mega millions in the format, movie studios have been jumping on-board and turning as many movies as they can into 3D extravaganzas, even if it never needed them. Avatar did something incredible and unique with the format, but Cameron particularly catered for it in the way he shot it that made 3D a more worthwhile experience while still focusing on the story in this direction. Since then, I pretty much have not experienced a single film that I felt was worth the extra cost and normally just book a 2D ticket, because I’m here to watch a movie not a gimmick.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige discussed the use of 3D with Collider and how Doctor Strange is looking to do something different with the format:


Some people look at 3D like a tool, like Atmos or IMAX, it’s a storytelling tool. And sometimes it can feel like ‘Oh, that tool was simply put on that movie so they could charge $8 more. And I think that’s where you get reactions like ‘Oh, c’mon.” There are other movies like Guardians [of the Galaxy] and Doctor Strange, that will be utterly enhanced in 3D.

There are sequences of the film that 3D is actually necessary to tell the dimensional story that is happening, through visuals. And we’re now finding ourselves in VFX reviews going, ‘Okay we know this is perfect for 3D, this is built for 3D, but the stories gotta work in 2D so how do we adjust it so it still works in 2D?’ But the 3D is going to be amazing.

And I agree wholeheartedly with him – the format should be used as a storytelling device and that adds something to the cinematic experience. It sounds like Feige and director Scott Derrickson have the right idea with this film and I’m hoping they get it right. Doctor Strange will be littered with a lot of bizarre effects and multi-dimensional storytelling as it looks to expand the Marvel Universe into a Multiverse and if they can visually show this, it would be a cinematic triumph and finally give people a reason to see something in three dimensions. I’m still skeptical, but let’s hope they can back up their words with a winning product.


Feige went on to say that 3D versions of the Doctor Strange trailer that was recently shown at Comic-Con will be findings its way to 3D movies in the coming weeks. So we are likely to know soon if it really will add value to the film or not through some of its sequences. However, I’m unlikely to book a 3D ticket till then, so its probably not going to help me. So if you do happen to see it in 3D, please let us know if it is worth it or not.

Will you watch Doctor Strange in 3D or stick to the cheaper 2D format?

Last Updated: August 2, 2016

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