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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s overpowered sniper rifles are getting nerfed

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War held an open alpha session of its multiplayer over the weekend, and everyone who tried it out actually managed to agree on something for once: Those damn snipers are more overpowered than an armada of Death Stars. Long-distance killers absolutely dominated at close range in the alpha, with many a player complaining about the quick-scoping bastards running around the maps in OP glory.

The crux of the problem was that snipers were not only able to make use of an incredibly fast aim down their sights, but the weapon class itself is absurdly powerful and makes for a deadly combination. Don’t worry though, because that will change ahead of the final release of Cold War. In fact, this weekend’s sniper free-for-all was an intentional design decision from Treyarch and will help ensure that the final game is more balanced with regards to that particular weapon class. “Crossplay is coming, but we knew it wouldn’t be in Alpha,” Treyarch’s Tony Flame explained on Twitter .

We buffed Snipers to evaluate their performance in this Alpha specifically. Sniper Rifles WILL have balance changes for the upcoming Beta based on our analytics data this weekend.

Those changes will arrive in the next beta of Cold War, which kicks off on PS4 first. Players who preordered the new Call of Duty can hop in from October 10, while Xbox and PC players who also preordered can start playing from October 15. An open beta for everybody will begin on October 17, with the game arriving in its full sniper-nerfed glory on current-gen systems on November 13.

As for PS5 and Xbox Series X? Next-gen upgrades will be available, through a weirdly convoluted upgrade system.

Last Updated: September 21, 2020

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