The good the bad and the ugly of the past week (17 February 2017)

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It’s that time again! I’ve had a busy week, to the extent where I think even I missed a handful of our stories. So, this recap is as much for you as it is for me. Let’s get right into it.

Best Stories

Good news! You can finally have a phone that works and maybe even has a battery life that last longer than your last relationship. Nokia is bringing back the 3310. It will be updated, but here’s hoping it can still be used as a replacement for bricks.

Other good news is that Marco has finally explained AMD’s Ryzen CPU. I honestly had no idea what was going on with it, and Marco explains it really well.

I spent money on this bundle and it made me feel good. Many people did the same. You probably won’t get a more valuable bundle seeing as a $30 price tag will get you so, SO many games. Plus you’ll donate to causes that matter, especially in a time when people are worried about this stuff.

Worst Stories

Gaming is built on the idea of games as a service, as a continuing offering. DLC is just the nature of the beast now, whether we like it or not (most do not, based on online ranting). Even the new Zelda game is getting a season pass. Wait, of all the modern innovations of gaming, including online play, ease of playing with friends, or cloud saving, Nintendo decides to jump on the season pass train?

In other bad news, viral marketing is often cool… until it borders on poor taste. Which is what happened with a fake news campaign for A Cure for Wellness.

PewDiePie, what have you done? After promoting some pretty repulsive views on his channel, he got dropped by Disney and pulled from premium YouTube status. He’s since apologized, and his subscription numbers continue to rise, but we’ll see if he can recover.

Random Stories

Team Thor? I’d totally watch a full length movie of this! But in equally weird news, although DC rather than Marvel, tt seems Mel Gibson might actually get in on the Suicide Squad 2 gig. WTF.

Did you know Blackberry is still making phones? Probably not seeing as their market share is basically 0%.

Editorials, Previews and Reviews

Alone With You review – Rinse and repeat gameplay undermines character driven narrative
MSSA Part 2: SASCOC Suspension, lottery funding and the infamous Matatheni Mosotho
Sunstone – The BDSM romance you should read
Halo Wars 2 Review – Strategy on a console done right
Fences review – A powerfully-acted domestic drama
Harmful language – A part of the culture
Tank Troopers review – a boring game that can’t even make playing in a tank fun
Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale review – A tough as nails retro point-and-click mystery
The Great Wall review round-up – Pretty. Stupid. Popcorn entertainment.

Image of the Week

For Hodor

I don’t know if Geoff used this header image on an actual article or not, and I don’t even care. This is pure genius and wins the week.

Most Comments

I love Glenn’s articles. They are interesting, insightful and bring all of your comments to the yard. With over 300 comments on his article about harmful language as a part of the gamer culture, he definitely got you all talking.

Comment of the Week

This is normally when we applaud all of you, your input into the community and that awesome jokes you share. But, I’m going to be like a certain political leader this week and just use my own comment/quote because at least I made myself laugh. Plus, it’s me making fun of Gavin, which is all the better. Over on his honestly well done feature about the MSSA’s new’s president, he made a certain comment that I just had to highlight:

i know i should comment about the MSSA and esports and whatnot, but this is my favorite quote from the whole article:
“I’ve literally embroidered our South African flag on my shirts before attending overseas conferences in all manner of industries.”
Best mental image of Gavin doing needlework.

Bonus Content

Here is some randomness from Darryn:

And this video made me giggle more than it should have.

Last Updated: February 17, 2017

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